We Went to Iraq for the Chickens

sausage making
Typical Muslim technique for
destroying an enemy
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It's a good thing Iraq doesn't have a lot of chickens, otherwise Liberal idiots would be whining that we went to Iraq because of Kentucky Fried Chicken. We also no doubt invaded Germany in World War Two for their sausages and nothing to do with their threat of world domination (that's the wurst excuse for starting a war I've ever heard). It should be noted that we invaded Germany even though they never directly attacked us. I suppose since they never attacked us that we can assume they could not have been a threat to us?

How stupid can leftists be? Just because a country has a lot of something doesn't mean that's the reason we are there. Fortunately, Afghanistan is the poorest country on this planet and has absolutely nothing of any value to anyone, so Liberals couldn't think of any interesting slogans to invent; which is the main reason they have very little to complain about with that country; but you can bet that if Afghanistan had copper or zinc, American streets wold be filled with posters crying, "No Blood for Pennies" or "It makes no cents to be in Afghanistan," or similar nonsense.

What does that mean anyway, that we went to Iraq for oil? Did we go to force the Iraqis to sell us cheap oil so that our economy would continue to flourish? That's silly, Bush's friends are oil men and they certainly would know that no one country can control the price of oil which is precisely why OPEC was formed - because one country cannot determine the price of oil. Did we go to make oil more expensive? Again, one country cannot determine the price of oil. Did we go to get more oil? That's even sillier. Why would any country spend 340 million dollars a day to get more oil when for a few million bucks a day we could invent a way to get oil out of horse manure [US 2008 Energy Budget]?

No, the argument that we are in Iraq for oil is just that, horse manure.

But back to chickens. Our friend Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles tells us, "You know there’s real progress being made in the Battle of Iraq when American fast food restaurants start opening there.... Kentucky Fried Chicken has opened up in Fallujah. Capitalism and crispy fried chicken are winning the hearts and minds of the people."

It should be noted that Kuwait Food Company (Note the initials KFC) is a Kuwait-based company that owns 900 fast food restaurants and cafes in Kuwait and a dozen other Arab countries with a number of international franchises, such as KFC, Hardee's, Chicken Tikka, T.G.I. Fridays, Grand Cafe, Costa, Baskin Robbins and Pizza Hut. Having the initials KFC stand for Kuwait Food Company makes it more palatable to the Arab tongue, if you allow me the food mataphors.

KFC has tons of outlets in Saudi Arabia where I'm told they call it "King Fahd's Chicken". Anything to keep the stigma of American origination out of it.

You may think that the photo of sausages at the top of this post refers to my remark about invading Germany and sausages, actually sausages were invented four thousand years ago in what we know of today as Iraq by the Sumerians. Clever blokes the Sumerians.

While some Muslims are opening up businesses, the Taliban are trying to close those that are not Islamic enough:

Infidels are Cool, Taliban warn ‘un-Islamic’ businesses of dire consequences

The Taliban have issued a 15 day deadline to close all businesses they deem un-islamic (I guess because they don’t cut people’s heads off at the cafe, or beat women at the CD shop).

LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan (TITP) has distributed a fifteen-days notice to several “un-Islamic” businesses in Kot Addu to shut down or face dire consequences.

The TTIP wrote threatening letters to owners of CDs shops, Internet cafes and cable service providers urging them to close down their activities.

Similarly, the group warned that women must wear hijab to ensure their safety.

We recall that during the Danish Cartoon Affair Muslims attacked anything that looked like American-owned businesses.

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