13 Reasons Obama Won the Election

Barack Obama supporters celebrate election results in Grant Park
Barack Obama supporters Jasmin Williams (center), and her parents
Angela Walton and Tim Williams, celebrate election results in Grant Park
Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

Although there was no one single cause that was enough to assure the victory of an inexperienced and outright socialist, here are 13 contributing factors that in combination helped Obama win the Presidency.

  1. The Economy. Despite the fact that Obama's favorite voter fraud organization, ACORN, was the root cause of the economic collapse, Obama was able to fool most of the electorate that it was the fault of the Bush administration.
  2. the Anti-Bush Effect. Usually dislike of a candidate is not enough to cause one to go out and vote for the opposition but the hatred for George Bush has been growing these past 8 years until it became so rabid that voters came out against anyone even in the same party as Bush. Witness the loss of so many House and Senate seats to appreciate the anti-Bush effect.
  3. ACORN (with the help of millions of dollars from the Obama campaign) registered tons of new voters. Guess who most of these tended to vote for?

  4. under 30 Obama voters
    Photo Credit: Charlotte Observer
    The Under 30 crowd:
    • McCain is old. Obama is not. Many young people are mentally unable to vote for anyone older than 65 years. Obama received votes from more than two-thirds of the under-30 crowd.
    • Young voters do not have concerns about the future and so even if they knew that Obama would cause the country to collapse, it would not worry them since they think in terms of one-year windows.
    • ACORN also registered many new voters under 30 knowing that most young people tend to vote Liberal. If Obama had run as a conservative he would not have fared as well with young people. Winston Churchill once observed: "Anyone who isn't a Liberal before the age of 30 has no heart.... and anyone who is still a Liberal after the age of 30 has no brain".

  5. The War on Terror is going well. Whatever George Bush is doing he's doing it too well. We haven't been attacked since 9/11 and so Islamic terror is not on the minds of the electorate. If we were constantly under attack, McCain would have been a better Commander-in-Chief.
  6. Obama received two-thirds of the votes cast by Hispanics nationally. This is almost as high as the black vote and can be attributed to Hispanics wanting government handouts almost as much as blacks.
  7. Obama indisputably has charisma and therefore is credible. When he promised to give tax cuts (welfare checks) to 95% of the population over 65 million voters obviously believed him. A chicken in every pot always works.

  8. tina fey as palin
    Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. It's hard to fight national ridicule. On the other hand, Obama was off-limits for any genuine bashing since it would have been perceived as racially motivated. Perhaps now that he's elected we may see some decent attempts at black humor directed against him, although it is too late for this election.
  9. The Oprah Winfrey Effect.
  10. The MSM gave Obama a pass regarding his association with sixties radical terrorist Bill Ayers, his friendship with the racist anti-American Rev Jeremiah Wright, and Barack's education under many of his communist mentors. Certainly if a conservative had had friends who were members of the KKK the MSM would have been relentless in their pursuit of the story.
  11. The Internet. Obama milked it like no one else. The skills he learned as a community organizer from Bill Ayers really helped here.
  12. He raised almost 700 million dollars ($150 million in September alone) and outspent McCain in every venue. This was no doubt the most expensive Presidential campaign in history. It may be the last time any candidate ever opts for a taxpayer-paid system.
  13. He's Black. Yes, I know Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988 offered himself as a candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nomination but he never actually became a candidate. But regardless, Jesse Jackson is such an idiot that even if he were white he wouldn't win the Presidency. I estimate that 17,384,250 blacks voted this year of which 16,515,037 voted for Obama. That's 95 percent of the black vote. This was enough in key states to put Obama over the top.

Disclaimer: I voted for Obama although not for any of the 13 reasons above. I believe Americans need a lesson in socialism. Once they learn - no one will ever vote for a socialist again.

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