13 Things to Consider before Hiring

It is morally wrong to discriminate against anyone for their religious beliefs. However, refusing to hire someone precisely because their religious beliefs conflict with the purposes for which the business was organized is not discrimination any more than refusing to hire a black actor to play an albino is racist. Also, it is not illegal to discriminate against midgets if the NBA does not hire them as players, nor should it be.

For example, no hospital should be required to hire a Jehovah's Witness to fill a surgical spot only to find out he refuses to operate on patients that require blood transfusions.

No abortion clinic should be required to hire a Catholic only to find out that he or she refuses to handle any work connected with abortions.

No beef company should be required to hire Hindu butchers that refuse to butcher beef on religious grounds.

No pork company should be required to hire Jewish butchers that refuse to butcher pork products on religious grounds.

This is only common sense; what's the point of hiring workers who refuse to do the work your business requires? However, no businessman wants to appear intolerant of any religion, so it would be natural for an owner to say he would gladly hire Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Hindus, or Jews if they sign a contract stating that the worker will handle the products the business makes - that would seem reasonable.

But you would be wrong. Telling Muslims that in order to work in a meatpacking company that handles pork, they must sign a form acknowledging that they might be required to handle pork is a violation of the law: the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the Work Connection Inc., an employment agency in St. Paul, which handled some hires for Gold’n Plump, a meatpacking company in St. Cloud, Minnesota because they asked Muslims to sign a form acknowledging that they might be required to handle pork. The Work Connection will pay $150,000 to the affected workers [Infidels Are Cool].

This is why you should never hire Muslims: a person of any other religious persuasion does not even want to have a job which offends his beliefs. Jehovah's Witnesses do not apply for jobs at blood banks, devout Catholics who oppose abortion do not apply for jobs at abortion clinics, religious Jews do not butcher pigs, nor do Hindus slaughter beef for McDonald's. Muslims on the other hand, because they believe the world must ultimately become Dar al-Islam and cater to their whims, gladly infest businesses whose practices are in conflict with their faith. They insist Western culture must change to accommodate their beliefs. In these cases, confrontation is delightfully enjoyed by Muslims.

The Islamic plan is that if enough Muslims work at a pork company the business will eventually drop pork from its operations. Sounds like a great way to change a culture by stealth. If Catholics would do likewise for abortion clinics, that is to say, get hired as doctors, nurses, etc and then refuse to do abortions the clinic would eventually have to close.

Of course it is absurd to think that the EEOC would actually force abortion clinics to hire Catholics to prevent religious discrimination; yet it did force a meat company that processes pork to hire Muslims despite the fact that most Muslims consider pork haraam (forbidden/unclean/evil).

Do Not Change American Menus

I do not object to McDonald's willingly catering to Hindus in India by serving chicken, lamb and vegetarian products, but I do object to any religious group buying an American McDonald's on American soil and changing the menu to exclude beef or pork. When I go into a McDonald's in this country I expect the menu to be American, not Hindu or Muslim or Jewish; otherwise don't call it McDonald's. If I want to eat at a Chinese restaurant or a Kosher deli then that's my choice, but don't come here and change my menu.

The reason that accommodating Muslims is problematic is that Islam is not a true religion, it is a political system with military goals. This is why Muslims demand that we change our customs and culture because they need to live in an Islamic environment. All of western civilization is anathema (the Greek version of haaram) to Muslims and so they cannot abide our way of life. The Muslim does not really have a choice to live in Dar al-Harb (countries without Shariah); they must jihad to enforce Islamic rule over the Harbi. A Muslim's highest aspiration in this country is to render it part of dar al-Islam.

Every manner of employment in America is corrupt, therefore there is no point in seeking a perfect Islamic-compliant job for which Muslims are suited, it does not exist in this country. A Muslim's only choice is to take whatever job he can get and force it to accommodate him. If he works at a bank, they must give him tasks that do not involve interest. Since they are adherents of a political system, Muslims use our laws against us to help transmogrify our culture into theirs.

Jews No Problem - Muslims Big Problem

No other group has the chutzpah to do this. Jews have been working in supermarkets for decades without once refusing to handle a package of bacon. If they have a problem with their faith, they wisely get another job. But Muslims happily apply for jobs for which they are not suited by dress, disposition, or faith for the express purpose of changing it.

I have warned my readers about the dangers of hiring Muslims in a previous post here. When you hire a Muslim, you are actually hiring a Jihadi army bent on the destruction of everything you hold dear.

Here are 13 outrageous stories when hiring or dealing with Muslims:

  1. no pork
    In a previous post Muslim Dunkin Donuts - No Pork on my Fork we read about a Palestinian Arab who sued Dunkin' Donuts for discrimination against him based on his race by making the sale of breakfast sandwiches with bacon, ham or sausage a mandatory part of his franchise agreement.

    This is why Muslims cannot assimilate. They seek work for which they are not at all suited, rather they demand that the enterprise suit them.

  2. The US Government certainly should never hire Muslims:

    Jihad Watch, Illegal immigrant Muslim FBI/CIA agent accused of passing info to Hizballah worked in Iraq questioning Al-Qaeda detainees

    It just keeps getting worse: the Keystone Kops idiocy of the FBI and CIA in hiring this woman and employing her in sensitive work is a manifestation of both agencies' abysmal failure to address the ideological dimension of this conflict. They hardly know what a jihad is, much less know how to question a potential employee to determine her allegiance to the jihad and Islamic supremacism.
    On Tuesday, she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to illegally search FBI computers for classified information about Hezbollah and to naturalization fraud...

  3. You're standing at the checkout counter at Target; you unload you groceries, milk, bread, bacon, some fruit. The cashier, wearing a Hijab stops at the bacon and calls for help. You wait a few minutes for another worker to come by and help ring up the bacon and put it into a shopping bag. You ask if the cashier is Muslim - she says yes. If this were the Twilight Zone you would understand that you are in a world where up is down and left is right. Why would a Muslim work in a place where she is forbidden to handle pork, alcohol, or other filthy infidel products? Welcome to a Target store in Minnesota.

  4. Your flight just landed and you exit the airport heading for a taxi. You are carrying a few bags of gifts from the duty free shop. The cabbie, a Muslim, refuses to take you because he suspects you may be carrying alcohol. The rest of the cabbies are Somali Muslims. What do you do? If you want to get home you'll have to ditch the booze. That's what happens to an airport that allows Muslims to be taxi drivers.

  5. In Australia, where 2,000 of the 10,000 cabbies are Muslim, comes the story of Muslim taxi drivers refusing to carry blind passengers with their guide dogs because they consider dogs haaram despite the legal requirement for taxi drivers, shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets to accept guide dogs.

  6. Hiring Muslims only gives them moneys with which to fund terror organizations. Our government has spent millions of dollars bringing Somalis to America. We have offered them jobs suitable to their skill level along with housing, social welfare assistance and a cultural support structure. Have they tried to assimilate? Are they appreciative of our culture and freedom?

    PipeLineNewsOrg, Are Minneapolis Taxi Fares Going To Support Al-Qaeda?

    • 4. In many cases American hospitality has been repaid with a refusal by the Somalis to integrate into the larger society that hosts them, bringing lawsuits and allying themselves with radical Islamist organizations.

    • 5. In fact many Somali Americans seem be intent on reproducing nothing more than "little Mogadishus" wherever they have been resettled.

    The track record of America's Somali refugees so far suggests that these people are largely unappreciative of the stunning commitment which has been made to them by the people of the United States.

  7. a Pilates body
    A Pilates body
    Photo Credit: SheKnows.com
    A female Muslim sued a Hair Salon operator for hurt feelings because she wasn't hired as a hair stylist and was awarded £4,000 in compensation. Why she wasn't hired? She wouldn't remove her headscarf and show her hair while working [Radarsite: Muslim job applicant: Hire me or else --]. I suppose Muslim women can now apply for jobs as pilates instructors and refuse to work in anything but a full Hijab and anyone who refuses to hire her will be sued.

  8. Electrolux settled a complaint with (who else) the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over an allegation that it failed to allow prayer times for its Muslim employees. The Somali Community Center in Minneapolis had filed the complaint on behalf of 165 workers at Electrolux Home Products in St. Cloud , Minn.

    Under the settlement, Electrolux agreed to allow the workers time for sunset prayer, provide a Somali translator on occasions when policies or procedures are discussed, give managers and supervisors diversity training, and donate money to a local Islamic center.

    I think it's fabulous that not only does the EEOC force American compnaies to buckle under Islamic demands but that we fund their terror operations as well.

  9. Hijab
    Flickr-User: Ilyasansri
    Two women in Dearborn, Mich., have filed suit after they say a local McDonald's manager refused them jobs because they wear traditional Islamic dress. "He simply (told me) I had to make a choice and remove my hijab, or I would not be able to establish employment there," Quiana Pugh said. [DRUDGE Retort]

    Here we have an issue of sanitation and safety, as one of the commenters noted:

    Maybe McDonald's wants them to wear sanitary hairnets or something instead of hijabs.

    I can't imagine it's too hygienic to wear a hot sweaty headcovering working around the heat lamps and stoves. Plus, they can get caught in the machinery or catch on fire. You can take it to the bank that next these Muslim gals will be complaining they can't serve pork sandwiches or they have to quit in the middle of cooking hamburgers so they can wash their feet and pray 5 times a day.

    If I were an employer I would not hire Muslims simply because every time you do they either end up suing you or everyone in the place had to accommodate them and their prayer hours and religious customs. I don't blame McDonald's. They have the right to hire or not hire employees who will be able to work the best in a fast food environment and it that doesn't include wearing bulky headwear in the kitchen..

    Now why would a Muslim woman want a job when she knows she will be asked to handle a bacon, egg and cheese on occasion? Huh? Huh?

  10. A Muslim said he is suing Tesco for religious discrimination because he was asked to handle crates of alcohol in a warehouse.

    Mohammed Ahmed, 32, was employed at the supermarket giant's Lichfield depot in September last year for a job that included transporting various goods on fork-lift trucks [ifeminists.com].

    Wow! Can't even touch alcohol with a forklift, eh?

  11. If you hire Muslims you have to be very careful because the most innocent of mistakes easily turn into bigoted insults by you resulting in legal actions. Take the case of a UK Muslim insurance salesman who suffered religious discrimination because his employers offered only alcohol as a sales incentive.


    Imran Khan, 25, claimed that the bottles of wine on offer put him at a disadvantage because, as a Muslim, he could not drink alcohol and was therefore unable to claim the prizes.

    British-born Mr Khan, who works for Direct Line Insurance, is seeking damages for "hurt feelings" under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003.
    Mr Khan's team leader, Louise Cummings, said she introduced the incentives as a means of "improving staff morale and performance". "If I had realised that I had hurt anyone's feelings, then I would have taken steps to rectify that immediately," she added.

    Tariq Sadiq, for the company, said that another Muslim worker, who had won an alcoholic prize in a similar scheme, had "simply" exchanged it for an alternative.

    Simply exchanging it for an alternative - wouldn't that have been a much more reasonable response? Ah, Muslims. You just gotta love 'em. Or else.

  12. Here's something I don't understand - why would anyone hire a Muslim cook when they cannot cook what you want to eat. Why even bother?

    Metro News UK, Muslim sues Met after being told to fry bacon

    A Muslim chef is suing the Met police after being asked to cook pork sausages and bacon for breakfast.

    Hasanali Khoja is accusing the force of religious discrimination after it refused to guarantee that he would not have to handle pork.

    Here's the problem: if you hire them - they end up being completely worthless workers who cannot abide 99% of the infidel world. If you don't hire them - they sue. If you hire them them and try to make them do the work they were hired to do - they sue. Unless we ban the importation of worthless Muslims we are doomed. If you are Muslim reading this, no offense is intended, I am merely stating facts not opinion.

  13. If you have an office and hire Muslims, expect demands that Christian or Jewish symbols be removed. I have been in offices where Jews and Christians have worked in harmony despite Christmas decorations or Chanukah candles about. Consider this from the comment section of Dhimmi Watch

    I have a friend who works in the government run public trustees office...they have had an influx of Muslim employees over the past 5 years...2 years ago there was a notice circulated that employees were no longer allowed to have decorations on their desks or in the workplace such as Christmas or Easter items as this was inflammatory to those employees that were not Christian and did not celebrate those holidays. They were allowed to have "happy holidays" decorations that did not depict any religious or Christmas content. The Muslim employees were provided an area of the office (which was in view of the employees) to pray several times a day along with a person who led prayers out loud...Muslims did not have to be subjected to Christmas decorations once a year but the employees had to be subjected to muslim prayer daily during the work day. CAIR wants a workplace free of religious discrimination...so much for that.

Are there any jobs in the infidel world that Muslims can do without taking offense? Please dear reader let me know if you hear of one.

Of course I know that there are Christian pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control for religious reasons. But Christians have assimilated into western culture and so they do not present a danger to us, nor are they trying to overthrow our way of life and subjugate everyone into one religion. I am opposed to anyone who has religious problems with any medicine from working as a pharmacist. I have previously written that I am opposed to Catholic Hospitals because they cannot properly administer health services due to their religious beliefs. Whereas Christians who interfere in the health process are simply annoying, Muslims are dangerous.

I also know there are communities of non-Muslim religious folk who have not taken to modern life, like the Mennonites and Quakers. But, again, they are no danger to us simply because they do not come into our communities taking jobs for the purpose of accommodating their religious beliefs.

Fortunately Obama is not a Muslim, he claims, so the recently hired President-elect should pose little danger to this country from an Islamic Presidential Jihad.

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