Muslims and the Mumbai Massacre

muslim massacre in mumbai
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Pakistanis and Indians are from the same racial stock. They are no different from each other than than the Germans of cold war East and West Germany were. But just as East Germany was a failed state because of its politics - Communism, so too is Pakistan a failed state because of its politics - Islam.

Pakistan was formed because ethnic Indians who were Muslim could not stand to live with ethnic Indians who were not. While India is a prospering nation, one the fastest growing economies in the world [USA Today], Pakistan remains and always will be a fourth rate sewer pretending to be a nation. If ever proof was needed that Islam is a stultifying, corroding, debilitating disease of the mind, one only has to consider the Indians of Pakistan.

Pakistan, with the identically same ethnic and racial DNA as India, is an impoverished country with no hope of ever becoming a developed nation as long as its people remain imprisoned in Islam. What little income it receives is mostly from remittances from tens of millions of overseas workers [Watandost]. No one would care about the garbage inhabiting Pakistan if it were not for their main export: terrorism.

The Mumbai Massacre was perpetrated by Pakistani Muslims, not by local Muslims. However, India has the third largest number of Muslims in the world and so it will never be able to stop terrorist attacks precisely because Pakistani Muslims are indistinguishable from Indian Muslims. The solution unfortunately will come in civil war when India eventually realizes that it can no longer tolerate the Muslims within its borders.

Although India has had numerous attacks in just the past few years, the massacre was India's 9/11, just as London had theirs, also caused by Pakistani Muslims although those in London were British born and bred. Eventually every non-Muslim country in the world will have their 9/11.

If the world keeps letting Muslims into their countries, it will only make getting rid of them that much more difficult (and bloodier) later.

Granted the Mumbai Massacre was not by moderate, everyday Muslims; however when the hen-house is filled with animals that dress and act like foxes, then there is no way to spot the real foxes when they arrive.

Islamic Extremists can hide among local Muslim populations, meet in mosques and plan their attacks without worry of discovery, for who can tell what is in the heart of a particular Muslim. Just as Typhoid Mary had no intention to kill those with whom she came in contact, the only solution in the end was to quarantine her. Of course it's not fair. But I would rather my family were alive than be fair.

Of course, physical attacks by extremists only destroy people and property and I do not mean to belittle the suffering and death in Mumbai. But the real threat is not violent attacks by extremists. It is moderate Muslims who can destroy the very essence of the culture they invade. From my article Writing is also a bomb: The Moderate Muslim Threat:

the greatest threat to Western Civilization is not al Qaeda or Muslim terrorists; it is your common, ordinary, average, moderate Joe or Jane Jihadi. The moderate Muslim does not blow up school buses or train stations or hospitals. The moderate Muslim does not slit the throats of Jews living peacefully in France. As brutal as these acts of terror may be, Civilization will continue and flourish despite the loss of a few hundred poor souls slaughtered by radical Islam.

But the real danger is in fact actually the moderate Muslim who, when offended by all that is infidel, demands that those offenses be removed or destroyed. In the civilized world we call those things science, women's rights, learning, free-speech, art, progress, technology, and freedom of the press.

As horrible as the Mumbai massacre is, India can rebuild a new Taj Hotel, more Indian babies will be born and India will survive. It will not survive if it becomes another Pakistan. Allowing Muslims to live in India will certainly make it easy for more physical attacks to occur, but worse than this, it makes for an environment for India to eventually become a Muslim nation. India is now 13% Muslim. Next year I will report a higher percentage and the year after that an even higher percentage, as has happened in every nation except for those countries that wisely expelled their Muslims like Spain and Portugal. If India will not deport their Muslims then at some point there will be a critical mass large enough to institute Shariah Law in place of Indian Law. It will become an Islamic nation just as most of Europe eventually will.

UPDATE: David from Third World County left a comment reminding me that Pakistan has many ethnic and genetic heritages. While that may be true, it is also true that India as well has many hundreds of ethnic groups, however I was only focusing on the majority ethnic group in both countries which are Indo-Aryans and which I assert do not contribute equally to the advancement of science or economy in their respective countries because Islam keeps Pakistan mired in the 7th century. I will let David have the last word: "Islam is definitely the 2-ton camel in the tent, but it's not the only animal stinking the place up."

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