Nothing Wrong with Using Wetback in Court

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Now it seems the Arizona court has reversed itself. At first, we read that Arizona’s Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor agreed to enforce the Hispanic Bar Association’s demands to ban the terms “illegal” and “aliens” in all of the state’s courtrooms. Other terms the group wanted banned were; immigration crisis, immigration epidemic, open borders advocates, anchor babies and invaders. Acceptable terms are foreign nationals, unauthorized workers and human rights advocates.

Yid with Lid supposes Justice McGregor's next step would be to ban: "the term mass murderer (to be changed to multiple heaven deliverer), burglar (non returning borrower) and three-time-loser (to multiple state dependent). You will now get traffic tickets for maintaining good acceleration (speeding), Ignoring Simon (going through a red light) and in honor of the presidential debate drinking game, DUI will now be called MY Friends."

Perhaps because of outrage on the blogosphere, the Judge is backpedaling - a court spokeswoman says there has been no ban on words, nor is Chief Justice Ruth McGregor considering one [ABC15].

That's a shame because I wanted to tell the judge to go herself and the horse she rode in on. I write this with full knowledge that I may be taken to court for saying and ; but I am unafraid. No one is going to muzzle me.

A Court of Law should never ban any words used in judicial proceedings. If we start cleaning up transcripts to make them politically correct then we might as well be living in the UK where a few months ago the NHS (National Health Service) proposed a ban on terms including “gay”, “prostitute” and “intravenous drug user”, for fear of causing offence (1). That's right, doctors and nurses have been ordered to refer to gay patients as “men who have sex with men”, to avoid stigmatising those who have had same-sex relationships but do not consider themselves homosexual. I have nothing against homosexuals but if you are a man getting it up the kazoo from another guy, then you are gay. For God's sake, suck it up and admit the truth. Or perhaps that's the wrong thing to say.

As for wetback, the photo above shows that wetback is a beautiful word indeed. If any of my Mexican readers has the nerve to say he is offended by the term wetback, let me ask you why most of you voted for Obama? What has that got to do with things that offend? I'll tell you what offends me: when you people vote in socialists like Obama so that the government can use the force of law to separate my earnings from my bank account and give it to you. Yeah, you are hurt with words while I am hurt by having money taken from me by force against my will.

I'll make a deal with you: call me a kike but stop asking me to share the wealth - how about that? Calling me names is not hurtful; taking the hard earned fruit of my labor is. Get your priorities straight.



The Sunday Times, 29 Jun 2008, Politically correct NHS to ban term ‘gay’

The NHS has been accused of pandering to political correctness over a proposed ban on terms including "gay", "prostitute" and "intravenous drug user", for fear of causing offence.

Doctors and nurses have been ordered to refer to gay patients as "men who have sex with men" (MSM), to avoid stigmatising those who have had same-sex relationships but do not consider themselves homosexual.

A review is now under way into terms referring to other groups of patients including sex workers and drug addicts.

Professor David Goldberg, of National Services Scotland, which is advising health boards on the issue, said patients who have sold sex for money may not consider themselves to be permanently engaged in the sex industry and, therefore, should not be labelled as such.

Similarly, individuals who may have only injected drugs on a handful of occasions may not wish to be known as drug users.

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