The Inhumanity of Caring People

Joyce is a 16 months-old Kenyan who'll die if she doesn't get heart surgery soon
Photo Credit: TheBadrash

If you are religious then what I am about to ask you will test your faith and determine whether you are a person who truly feels compassion for your fellow man or if you are merely masquerading as a compassionate, caring Muslim, Christian or Jew. Here is the situation based on a true story:

You are a doctor living in Burlington, Vermont. The date is 10 April 1946 - just a few weeks after Spring, however it was warmer a few weeks ago. Days earlier a woman who goes by the name Eleanor Louise Cowell came to you because she had missed her period and was nauseous and fatigued. She came back today to confirm what both of you suspected: she's pregnant. It should have been joyful news but Eleanor simply turned her gaze to the bleak weather outside, it was snowing and hailing all day; it was obvious that this was not something she wanted to hear. She asks if there is anything you can do to terminate this pregnancy.

Unwed mothers back then lived under a social stigma that is unimaginable to modern youngsters. But she had a secret that would be startling even today. Although she told you that she doesn't know who the father is, if she had the nerve she would have told you the truth: she was raped by her abusive father Samuel Cowell. In 1946 pregnant women who were raped had very few options for terminating their pregnancies, even those who were victims of incest.

I'm almost ready to ask you the question, but first, suppose I gave you, the doctor in this story, a time screen. With this time screen you have the power to see what the future life will be for the embryo in her womb. The screen shows you that her child, if born, will have the name Theodore Robert Cowell. In 1950 he will move with his mother to Tacoma, Washington and a year later his mother will marry Johnny Culpepper Bundy at an adult singles night at Tacoma's First Methodist Church. Eleanor's husband will adopt Theodore shortly thereafter and the young boy will take on the name Ted Bundy.

I will spare my readers the gruesome and filthy details of the murders and sexual assaults that the time screen reveals next.

Would You Abort a Future Serial Killer?

Now here is the question: knowing with absolute certainty that aborting this embryo would save the lives of 30 to 100 innocent women who otherwise would not only die but be utterly brutalized in the most vicious and cruel manner (and here I am speaking about savagery that makes even Islamic extremists look like Mother Theresa), knowing this, would you accede to her request to terminate her pregnancy?

Because I believe life is precious, that life is sacred (even though I'm an atheist), I would terminate the pregnancy, given what I know to be the future outcome of that miserable life. How you answer determines your true compassion for human life (BTW, I am opposed to abortion except in certain circumstances).

Now let me address the inhumanity of supposedly caring people who give aid to Africa.

Blogger Tom at his website The Badrash (most likely a fellow who thinks he cares about people but is too young to realize the consequences of his actions) posted a photo of Joyce, seen above, a 16 months-old Kenyan who'll die if she doesn't get heart surgery soon. What Tom does not realize is that Joyce's mother should never have been born, saving Joyce all the pain and suffering she is going through now. As I pointed out in For Gods Sake - Stop Helping Africa, the caring, loving, bleeding hearts that saved Joyce's grandmother, and thereby making possible the birth of her mother which led to Joyce, have only contributed to ever more pain and suffering in Africa by interfering when they have no idea what the hell they are doing.

So here is the question: if you know that the average African woman will bear 5 children she cannot afford to feed or medically care for, would you knowingly help to make sure that she lives to produce those 5 children who will produce 25 suffering, malnourished, sick children in just a little more than a generation?

Because of "caring" souls like Tom and despite an unprecedented international aid effort in the past 25 years, more Kenyan and Ethiopian children are dying now than in 1984 (see note below) when we first started seeing those horrific photos of starving waifs with bloated stomachs. The only thing these caring hearts did was to increase horribly the suffering by tens of millions more. In 15 years, if Joyce has a successful operation, she will begin producing more babies whose photos will appear on even more websites asking for even more help.

We don't need a time screen to know the future of Joyce if she lives. A miserable life who will only produce 5 more miserable suffering lives. If you donate money to save Joyce, you are dooming more Africans to unimaginable suffering and pain. For God's sake, is there anything more inhumane than caring, bleeding hearts who are so careless with their seeming compassion?


Reuters, 22 Sep 2008, U.N. wants $460 million for hungry Ethiopians

The United Nations appealed on Monday for $460 million to feed some 10 million Ethiopians hit by drought and high food prices.

"The Horn of Africa region is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 1984, and Ethiopia is caught in the middle," said Josette Sheeran, executive director of the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP).

"We know what needs to be done -- we just need the funds to go out and do our job, protecting the hungry." He said the funds were needed to feed about 9.6 million people until early 2009.

Because we fed 2 million of their mothers 2 decades ago there are now 9.6 million starving souls. If we feed these 9.6 million there will be 40 million starving Ethiopians in 2028 and the UN will be asking for 4.6 billion dollars to help feed them for a few months. How stupid and uncaring can we be? Isn't it time we stopped the barbarity we are inflicting on Africa?

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