The Vatican Should be Forgiven for the Pro-Gaza Statements

What would you do in the following situation:
Members of the Flying Dragons, a Manhattan Chinatown gang, upset with the cops of the 5th Precinct, specifically the Police Department's Asian Gang Intelligence Unit, decide to torment those cops by lobbing M69 practice hand grenades through the precinct windows. The grenades are harmless, after a few seconds they emit a small puff of white smoke and make a loud popping noise that scares the bejesus out of the cops. Even after the cops realize that the previous grenades are harmless, they can never be sure if a real one were to be thrown in.

The cops can't take it anymore and go to Pell Street, where this faction operates from (there are three Manhattan factions of the Flying Dragons defined by the streets they control: Pell, Grand and Bowery) to stop the gang from terrorizing them. There was always bad blood between the cops and the gang, so when the cops go to arrest them they are met with gunfire.

The cops return the favor and a battle royal ensues. After a short interval, half a dozen of the gang are dead including one gang member's wife and child. The gang calls up CNN and complains that the cops are targeting their wives and children.

CNN contacts the cops and finds out that no cops actually died, the grenades are harmless homemade knockoffs that haven't really injured anyone and accuses the cops of disproportionate response.

A reporter comes to you for an interview because you live on Pell Street just down the block from the gang. In fact, your brother lives next door to them and most gang members know you and your whole family. So you are asked about the situation. A camera is on your face and you think to yourself that the gang is probably watching this interview on TV right at this minute.

You want to say that the gang are a bunch of savage, irredeemable thugs who terrorize the neighborhood and that the cops would do well to kill them all. But you think about your brother and other relatives who might live in gang neighborhoods. So this is what you say: "They were minding their own business when the cops came in like the Nazi Gestapo shooting everyone Asian." The reference to Nazis doesn't really apply; certainly the cops weren't targeting the gang simply because they were Asian but because they were involved with kidnapping, extortion, illegal gambling, arson, and all around thuggery. But you have to say something really negative about the police, otherwise you only put yourself and your family in jeopardy.

You want to tell the truth, but the truth hurts. We recall that during the Holocaust Pope Pius XII was silent while German atrocities were committed. After all, what could he do? Antagonizing the Nazis would only have led to persecution of Catholics. I really do understand.

A Few Hundred Does Not A Holocaust Make

So it comes as no surprise that Cardinal Renato Martino, the Pope's delegate to the United Nations, said of Gaza that "more and more it resembles a big concentration camp." [The Independent] Anti-Semites in my comment section are also calling this a Holocaust against the Palestinians. Quite silly of course, a few hundred does not a Holocaust make. Indeed, the Israelis are not attacking anyone in the West Bank, also filled with Palestinians; could it be because no rocket attacks are coming from there?

Jew-haters all over the world took the Vatican statement as a sign that finally someone called Israel evil in the current Gaza war. However, intelligent people realize what is really happening here: the Vatican knows which party is the true face of evil but what can we realistically expect the Vatican to say? The Last time someone from the Vatican told the truth about Muslims (see my article The Pope and Disproportionate Response) Palestinian area churches were attacked, UK Muslims called for the Pope's execution, Christians in Muslim countries were attacked, Nuns were killed, Christian girls were beheaded, and other nasty, uncalled-for responses from the Muslim community.

No, the Vatican has to denounce Israel; there are just too many Christians living in Muslim countries. The Vatican's statements are not a sign that Israel is wrong but rather a sign that Muslims have so terrorized this planet that even the Catholic Church is afraid to call them what they truly are.

Regarding Muslims, the Vatican is between a Dome of the Rock and a hard place. So I understand and I forgive the Vatican. I also understand that in their secret, silent hearts, they wish the Israelis would wipe out this scourge from the face of the Earth.

Related: Trying to kill a Pope is not far-fetched, we all recall that a Turk named Mehmet Ali Ağca shot and wounded Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981. What many may not know is that Ağca claimed to be a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine although they wisely denied any ties to him.

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