Intolerance of Muslims is not Bigotry

Antisemitic fresco in St Paul's Church in Sandomierz, Poland, depicting antisemitic blood libel canard.
Antisemitic fresco in St Paul's Church in
Sandomierz, Poland, depicting antisemitic
blood libel canard.
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From Wiki: "A bigot is a person who, without thought, is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from his or her own, and bigotry is the corresponding attitude or mindset. Bigot is often used as a pejorative term to describe a person who is obstinately devoted to prejudices, especially when these views are either challenged, or proven to be false or not universally applicable or acceptable."

Let's distinguish between justified intolerance and bigoted intolerance. For example, in America convicted felons are denied some of the social (some cannot live near schools or playgrounds), political (in many states they cannot vote), or professional (some can no longer practice law or medicine) rights that non-criminal citizens have; that is to say we are intolerant of their criminal behavior. This is justified intolerance.

2,000 years ago Apion, a Graeco-Egyptian writer, accused the Jews of sacrificing Greek victims in the Temple of Jerusalem. Of course this wasn't true, but even in those days one didn't simply ask others to be intolerant of Jews, one had to have a reason, even if fabricated. And so was born the blood libel. Being intolerant of Jews based on lies is an example of bigoted intolerance.

Even in the modern era of a century ago, one didn't hate Jews just because they were Jews; one needed an excuse, and if one could not find a true tale then a fabricated one would have to do. Jews throughout the centuries have been honest, industrious, clever, creative, peaceful and law-abiding - there was nary a mean or nasty thing one could say about them that would be true and so lies had to be invented in order to hate them. The most egregious lie is the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" - a fabricated, antisemitic book laying out a Jewish plot to rule the world. It was a device to help facilitate the hatred and fear of the Jews.

It should be noted that the only people who still believe that this is a real book are a few doodle-head members of Aryan Race groups and of course many Muslims.

Geert Wilders and Winston Churchill

Now let us consider Geert Wilders. As I reported recently, Mr. Wilders fears Muslim immigration and rightly so. He does not ask us to fear Muslims based on some fabricated book, "The Protocols of the Elders of Medina," describing in minute detail the program for world domination, there is already such a book, it is called the Qur'an. Nazi apologists prior to WWII were telling the rest of Europe, "You misunderstand Nazism, if you only read "Mein Kampf, you'd see how peaceful are the aims of National Socialism, we only want a little Lebensraum, some elbow-room, not the whole world." I wonder how that worked out for Europe?

Interestingly, Geert Wilders reminds us that Winston Churchill himself compared the Qur'an to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. If Mr. Churchill had said that today, in the misguided notion of tolerance that is practiced now, he would be banned from the UK.

Sadly, justified intolerance is not tolerated by the modern, multiculturalist European. There's an irony there somewhere.

Mr Wilders is not a racist or bigot although both terms are misused against him. As to being a racist, Muslim is not a race. He is not fearful of some genetic character or color or ethnic identity of a group. As to bigot, he is not intolerant of Muslims based on some unproven or false notion of Islam. He takes Muslims at their word. And he believes what is written in the Qur'an.

Some Muslim apologists will tell you two contradictory things:

  1. Islam is no threat because only a tiny, teeny, small percentage of Muslims are extremists bent on installing the Caliphate over the world.

  2. The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving moderates who abhor and detest the fanatics who have hijacked their religion,

So then when we see images like this:

Islam will dominate

taken at a rally in New York two years ago protesting the Danish Cartoons (we have seen similar signs in London as well), we have to ask the question, "Since there are so many Muslims at these rallies, are these moderate Muslims or extremists?" If they are moderate then obviously moderate Muslims are a threat to Western Civilization. But if these are extremists, then it is a lie that extremists are a small fringe of Islam. But for the sake of argument let's assume they are extremists; then where are the moderate Muslims with signs counter-demonstrating that "Islam Will Not Dominate!"? Where are those moderates who abhor and detest these fanatics? The truth is this:

  1. The number of fanatics is not as small as apologists would have you believe and

  2. Moderate Muslims have no power over the extremists nor the desire to quash them.

When the KKK, a tiny portion of our citizenry, has a rally you can be sure more anti-KKK demonstrators will show up to protest their presence. When so-called extremist Muslims have a rally, no anti-extremist Muslims ever show up. Curious. If we are to believe that extremist Muslims are a small number and that moderate Muslims are the big number then Muslim rallies with signs that say "Behead those who insult Islam", "Islam will Dominate", "Freedom go to hell", and "Europe: take some lessons from 9/11" should be populated with 4 extremists and a counter-rally with thousands of moderate Muslims showing the world that they, the moderates, are no threat to the world. Instead of course, the extremists speak for the whole of Islam. There is no counter rally by moderate Muslims - ever.

So Geert Wilders' intolerance is not based on some fabricated notion that Muslims want to dominate the world - they really do want to dominate.

As I have written before, extremists are no threat to this country. Car accidents kill more people each year than extremist Muslims do. However cars will never take over this country. Cars will never ask us to substitute their culture for ours. Cars will never ask us to institute Shariah Law over us. The once proud and brave England now bends its knee to Muslim demands. Soon the UK and most of Europe will put in place laws prohibiting the criticism of Islam. Imagine that: Europe and the UK with less than 10% Muslims in the population are already caving in to Muslim demands. what will happen if Mr. Wilders' warning is not heeded and Muslim immigration grows even larger?

Intolerance of Muslims is not bigotry; it is precaution.

And please, no comparisons of Nazi persecution of Jews to intolerance for Muslims. Killing Jews because of lies that Jews were a threat to Germany is not even close to being the same as asking Muslims not to come here because of the truth that they indeed are a threat to modern civilization.

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