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Number of Turks who have emigrated from the Netherlands And how many have moved back to Turkey
Number of Turks who have emigrated from
the Netherlands And how many have
moved back to Turkey
Photo Credit: IslamInEurope

What are Europeans to do if they cannot criticize Muslims (because that's hate speech) when they see their culture and way of life slowly being destroyed? Take as example, the problem of a typical Dutchman who plainly sees that Muslim immigrants are not assimilating into Dutch culture, are draining the resources of his nation, and are destroying the Dutch identity but who cannot discuss these facts publicly for fear of being threatened with death by Muslims (1), banned from entering other countries (2), or prosecuted for making anti-Islamic statements (3).

Faced with these obstacles many Dutch are now leaving their home country. When asked why they are leaving they are obviously afraid to say Muslims are driving them out of their own country since that would be politically incorrect hate speech. So the phrase they use is that they are seeking a better "social climate" (4). So what destination countries have a better "social climate"? Seems to be places with low Muslim penetration. Canada (2%), Australia (1.7%), the US (<1%) and New Zealand (<1% Muslim) [Stats from Wiki].

The Dutch, once the most tolerant of peoples in Europe, have become so fed up with Islam that they have made their country inhospitable to all immigrants - even well-integrated ones. Indeed, we recall that the Dutch set up immigration tests that displayed naked women and homosexuals to would-be immigrants to the Netherlands as a test of Muslim readiness to participate in the liberal Dutch culture. Those who couldn't take the images were encouraged not to come to Holland.

The diagram above (click on image for larger view) shows the number of Dutch Turks each year who have left Holland (in blue), and the number who have emigrated to Turkey (in red). As welcome as the idea of Muslims leaving the Netherlands might be, it is mostly the better educated, well-to-do professionals that are emigrating, leaving behind the dregs of the immigrant community who cannot afford to leave or are on welfare thus making the cities even more dangerous and violent (5).

In the UK, infidels who can get decent jobs in low Muslim penetration countries (Canada, US, Australia) are leaving in the millions (6).

For decades Europe has allowed a tide of immigrants to come in. Everything was fine as long as the percentage of Muslims was low, less than 1%. Now that there are millions of Muslims in Europe and Europeans have had a taste of Muslim militancy, the EU is developing new ways to stop immigration (7).

But too late. There are already too many Muslims there now and since hate-speech laws prevent the telling of the truth, there can be no discussion on how to deport them before Armageddon.

Eventually there will be no indigenous European ethnic peoples in Europe and the Muslims there will have to tax each other to keep themselves on welfare.



NRC Handelsblad, Who is Geert Wilders?

Wilders' anti-Muslim profile has resulted in numerous threats against his life. He and his Hungarian wife (whom he met when she was a diplomat in the Netherlands) are under heavy security. Shortly after leaving the VVD, Wilders felt forced to abandon his house in the predominantly Muslim neighbourhood of Kanaleneiland in Utrecht. He was forced to travel in disguise and spent some time living in a prison cell. After a while, he was moved to a government safe house.

This forced isolation and the threats to his life have had a profound effect on Wilders say people who know him. They reinforce his conviction that he is at war with Islam.


Planck's Constant, Geert Wilders` speech in House of Lords in Brave Britain

urope is currently suffering through a plague - the disease? Bendurnea (prounounced bend-your-knee-a). Bendurnea is a medical condition that slowly eats away at one's spine in the face of Muslim threats which in turn causes the body to lean precipitously forward until the knees can no longer support the weight of the collective guilt of being intolerant toward a religion causing them to buckle under the pressure. The end-stage of Bendurnea disease is the complete failure of the knees to hold the body up and one is forced to spend the rest of one's life in a position of supplication and humiliating submission.

The manifestation of this dread illness was displayed symptomatically a few days ago in the UK when Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who was invited to deliver a speech and show his film Fitna at the House of Lords on 12 Feb 2009 was instead detained by UK immigration officials at London Heathrow airport and sent back to the Netherlands because he was deemed a risk to "public security."


Planck's Constant, Sign the Geert Wilders petition

A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

"In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line," the court in Amsterdam said.

Mr Wilders said the judgement was an "attack on the freedom of expression".

"Participation in the public debate has become a dangerous activity. If you give your opinion, you risk being prosecuted," he said.

Not only he, but all Dutch citizens opposed to the "Islamisation" of their country would be on trial, Mr Wilders warned.


Expatica, 22 Mar 2005, Why are they all going?

Frans Buysse, Managing Director of Buysse Immigration Consultancy, sees the major reason for leaving as the social climate in the Netherlands.

Active in the field of migration since 1986, Frans explains that the social and environmental reasons for leaving Holland have to do with an overcrowding and overpopulation and too much bureaucracy. In addition, there is the perception that the country is becoming more violent and the citizens less tolerant towards others.

Shocking incidents such as the murders of filmmaker Theo van Gogh in November 2004 and populist politician Pim Fortuyn in May 2002 further intensify the uneasy feelings prospective emigrants already have about Dutch society.


Islam in Europe, 3 Oct 2007, Netherlands: Back to Turkey

More and more successful, well integrated Turkish Dutch are leaving the Netherlands. Among the middle classes more people believe that Turkey offers a better social and economical future. But it's especially academic highly-educated youth who are considering moving to Turkey. Why should we pay our pension for the baby-boomers who discriminate and exclude us, they ask themselves.


Pajamas Media, 13 Jun 2008, Waves of Emigrants Leaving Britain

It is estimated that two million UK residents will leave the UK in the next ten years. ... Comment: With Muslims setting up no-go zones and threatening to behead people in public — with police protection no less; with the degradation of the culture thanks to chav chic; with violent crime epidemic even without ready access to handguns…

Britons are right to fear that those “rivers of blood” are on their way.

(7): The following editorial is opposed to anti-immigration, as I am. However, I have one exception: don't let in Muslims. Europeans weren't so anti-immigrant until the tide of Muslims became too large.

Philippe Legrain, The Guardian, 8 Aug 2008, Europe's war against immigration is immoral and unwinnable. It's time for a radical rethink

Britain continues to hunt down unauthorised migrants and is planning to introduce ID cards for foreigners. In Italy, Gypsy camps have been burned down, and the Berlusconi government, far from protecting the targets of such racist attacks, is whipping up animosity against them and fingerprinting them. Spain is increasing its efforts to stop desperate Africans from reaching European soil, causing thousands to die each year as they take longer and more dangerous routes to avoid detection. Last month 15 people died of dehydration and exposure when their boat engine failed as they tried to reach Almería, on the Costa del Sol. The previous week 14 people drowned when their boat sank off nearby Motril.

Those lucky enough to escape death en route to Europe now face being locked up when they arrive. The EU's new "return directive", which was recently approved by European interior ministers and MEPs, allows governments to imprison - sorry, detain - unauthorised migrants for up to 18 months. Why? For daring to cross a border in search of a better life.

As the EU begins to adopt a common approach to immigration, the British government is helping to draft Europe-wide measures that attract little coverage in the UK. Frontex, the EU's border force, is helping southern European governments to patrol the Mediterranean and around the Canaries. And while the return directive was front-page news in Spain, it was a footnote in Britain.

There is plenty more to come. Nicolas Sarkozy, the son of a Hungarian migrant, has made cracking down on migration a priority for France's EU presidency, which lasts until the end of this year. His proposed migration pact aims to make it easier for the EU to attract highly qualified migrants, establish common European refugee and asylum policies by 2010, beef up policing of the EU's borders, and expel more illegal migrants. EU leaders are due to decide on the plans in October.

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