Charlie the Kosher Cocker-Spaniel: Happy Passover

A Muslim viewing this Youtube Video of Charlie the Kosher Cocker-Spaniel might think it's an insult to Jews. That perhaps some anti-Semite put a Yarmulke on a dog to show that Jews are just like filthy dogs. But he would be wrong. Anyone looking at this video can tell it was scripted by a Jew. Who else would have this great sense of humor?

In my article Muslims have no Sense of Humor, I wrote: "What has allowed Jews to live in every nation on this Earth for thousands of years is their ability to make fun of themselves and to laugh at adversity. Muslims, on the other hand, have recently demonstrated they cannot take it when someone pokes fun at them. They cannot accept other people's customs nor do they tolerate differing opinions."

In addition to lacking a sense of humor, Muslims are unable to ever forgive anyone who has ever poked fun at them; consider the recent action by Turkey in holding up the appointment of the Danish prime minister as the new NATO secretary general unless they received an apology over the Danish Cartoons (1).

Here are some humorous Passover videos:

20 Things To Do With Matzah

Who Let The Jews Out?

JibJab - Matzah! Rap

Passover Blues

Japanese Passover Tip

The Gefilte Fish System

This one isn't funny but very catchy: Moses Rap - A Pesach / Passover Music Video

For balance, now that we've poked fun at Passover, let's have some fun with Ramadan: IT'S MOTHAF@#$IN' RAMADAN CHARLIE BROWN! (WARNING NSFW):



Cervantes Blog, 5 Apr 2009, Danish cartoonist remains defiant

The row over publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper resurfaced this week as Turkey held up the appointment of Danish prime minister as the new Nato secretary general. The impact of that 2006 controversy has never gone away for those closely involved.


The furore over the cartoons, which reached a zenith three years ago with Danish embassies being burned and Danish products boycotted in Muslim countries, has subsided.

The debate has simply lain dormant and has never been resolved.

But the cartoons issue dominated last week’s Nato heads of government meeting, attended by US President Barack Obama.

Turkey threatened to veto the appointment of Denmark’s Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, as Nato secretary general because he had refused to apologise for the cartoons.

The charm and intervention of President Obama was required to persuade Turkey to back down.

As the alliance’s new chief executive, one of Mr Fogh Rasmussen’s prime tasks will be to try to heal the wounds between the West and the Muslim world.

Turkish newspapers say one of the key concessions obtained by President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is that Mr Fogh Rasmussen will be forced to apologise for the cartoons crisis.

According to the Danish press, one of his first acts of conciliation will be to publicly acknowledge that the 12 cartoons could have caused offence to the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

The U-turn is certain to upset a large percentage of the Danish population.

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