Another Muslim Woman Loses her Head over a Man

susan tamim - murdered by Muslim businessman
Photo Credit: Syahrilkadir's Blog

In my article 13 Beautiful Muslim Women I show what happens to Muslim women from Pakistan and Bangladesh who have the nerve to ask their husbands for a divorce: they get acid thrown in their face. Rarely does the husband even get arrested, let alone convicted.

But what about Islamic countries where the law actually goes after men who maim or murder their girlfriends or wives? What do the men do in those countries? Well, first of all they're not blatantly open about it. Acid in the face isn't good because the women might identify their assailants, so murder by a hit-man is popular.

The photo here is of Suzanne Tamim. A very attractive young woman indeed and a Muslim to boot. I mention the fact that she was Muslim because I am surprised she wasn't killed long before now, given how brazen she must have looked to Muslim men.

OH, did I forget to mention she was killed?

Suzanne was a famous Lebanese singer who was found murdered in an apartment in Dubai Marina in 2008. An Egyptian businessman and lawmaker Hisham Talaat Moustafa was arrested in Cairo and charged with paying a hitman $2 million to have Tamim killed. Last month he was found guilty of her murder and has been sentenced to death by hanging in Cairo.

For those of you who may be wondering what Suzanne looked like without makeup and fancy hairstyling, look at the photo below, but only if you don't have a queasy stomach.

Her death certificate indicates that her throat was slit, as is the Muslim style for women who have the audacity to leave their men. Click on the image for a larger, more gruesome view.

susan tamim - murdered by Muslim businessman
Photo Credit: Syahrilkadir's Blog

Aren't American Non-Muslims Throat-slitters as Well?

Some of my readers may object that O.J. slit his wife's throat therefore this crime isn't peculiar to Islam, so why am I gleefully reporting and commenting on it?

Well, except for O.J. one will be hard put to find many examples in America where a woman has her head almost hacked off. Ooops, I forgot about the case near Buffalo back in February. Wait, that was a Muslim man beheading his wife.

Yes, American men kill their wives and girlfriends; but throat slitting is a particularly gruesome piece of butchery that requires a hatred of women so egregious, so vile, so fulminating that it has to be nurtured from early childhood. And nothing teaches butchery and savagery toward women like the Qur'an.

So yes, once in a blue moon an American will slit a woman's throat; meanwhile among Muslims even in Western countries there is no shortage of throat slittings.

More Examples of Muslim Barbarity

In the UK, a teenager was viciously, brutally, savagely murdered by her boyfriend's Muslim flatmate merely because he disapproved of him going out with a Catholic (1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation marks. He wasn't even involved with the girl.

How about this for barbaric insanity: A father, angry that his eldest daughter had married for love, slit her throat as she slept before killing his three other daughters for fear they might grow up as insolent as their oldest sister (2).. I'm not even bothering with exclamation marks.

Most Americans assume it is Muslim extremists who are dangerous. but as Digger over at Digger's Realm (3) notes we should be fearing the average Muslim who will slit his daughter's throat even if he only suspects and has no proof that she's sexually active: "It seems terrorists aren't the only one's we need to worry about beheading people."

I could go on, but my chronicles of Muslim barbarity would never end as each day brings a new, fresh insult to humanity. There will be readers who will sling epithets at me such as racist and bigot for repeating the news. They will not be upset or offended that Muslims created the events reported, no they will be upset that I had the audacity to republish those news items. First let's dispense with the racist epithet. I am not knocking Arabs. I am knocking Muslims. I don't care if they are white, brown or black. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Arabs as Arabs.

My beef is with Islam. I do not despise it simply because it is a religion different than mine, that certainly would be bigotry. I loathe and despise Islam for well-founded, cogent, intellectual reasons. Bigotry is when you fabricate news items to calumniate a religion, although it should be mentioned that it is almost impossible to defame Islam more than its followers have already done. It is not bigotry to report truthfully the news. It may be unpleasant to hear; it may be insulting to hear; it may offend you to hear it, but it is no more bigotry than when a doctor tells a patient he is overweight. It may be unpleasant to hear; it may be insulting to hear; it may offend you to hear it, but it is being told not to hurt your feelings but to warn you that you have to change your behavior.

The message to Muslims is that they must reform their religion. Islam is a terrible disease that has infected your mind and you need to change your diet. For your own good, Abdul, you need to take Islam a lot less seriously or reform it, or abandon it. As it is presently constituted Islam is not good for you or modern civilization.



Jihad Watch, UK: Muslim man strangles, stabs, and slits throat of "petite" 19 year-old Catholic girl

A TEENAGER was brutally murdered by her boyfriend's Muslim flatmate because he did not approve of him going out with a Catholic.

Lidia Motylska, 19, was strangled in an alleyway in Leeds by Iraqi immigrant Abobakir Jabari who objected to his Kurdish flatmate's relationship with her.

Yesterday Jabari, 39, who was given British citizenship in 2005, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Crown Court to murdering the petite Polish teenager.

The court heard he garrotted her from behind, using the cord from his tracksuit bottoms, before inflicting "gratuitous" wounds on her lifeless body. He stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and stomach and slit her throat.

Sentencing Jabari to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 19-and-a-half years, Mr Justice McKinnon said the murder involved an exceptional degree of violence.


Ireland online, Father kills daughter who married for love

Nazir Ahmad, a labourer in his 40s, feared the younger girls, aged four to 12, would follow in their sister’s footsteps, police said.

Ahmad surrendered to police after the killings in Burewala, about 70 miles east of Multan, a main city in eastern Punjab province.


He said the man’s eldest daughter, Muqadas Bibi, 25, had married the man of her choice against her father’s wishes some weeks ago.

Ahmad had then contacted Bibi only this week, saying he was ready to forgive her, police said.

But during a visit by Bibi to her parents’ house, Ahmad slit her throat as she slept and then killed the other three girls, the police spokesman said, adding that police were investigating whether any other relative helped in the killings.


Hundreds of women are killed in Pakistan every year, many by male relatives, after they are accused of having affairs or marrying for love without their families’ consent.


Diggers Realm, Adnan Enezi, Kuwaiti, Slits 14-Year-Old Daughters Throat

Adnan Enezi had just returned from his pilgrimage to Mecca. An employee of the Islamic Affair ministry, Enezi accused his 14-year-old daughter, Haifa, of being sexually active. For her crime he blindfolded the girl, bound her and slit her throat while she knelt in front of her two brothers and her sister. Not only did he slice her throat once, but upon discovering the blade was too dull he stopped, selected another while she lay screaming and bleeding on the floor and then slit her throat again.

Tests later at the hospital showed that Haifa was not sexually active and was still a virgin.

A tip of the turban Hat Tip to reader Barry L. for alerting me to the verb form of calumny.

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