I Have been a Muslim for a few Minutes and I hate you already

A Muslim convert who said he was opposed to the U.S. military shot two soldiers outside an Arkansas recruiting station, killing one of the soldiers. Sheikyermami over at Winds of Jihad wonders if Obama will condemn this Muslim as he has the Christian killer of George Tiller.

Daniel Pipes describes this behavior as Sudden Jihad Syndrome when a seemingly regular, quiet person suddenly goes berserk and tries to kill a random infidel.

Many clueless Americans think that we only have to fear Muslims who have been reared by Islamic extremists and who were taught to hate Westerners from an early age. Wrong! One can be a decent, law-abiding, non-violent person all one's life and convert to Islam for only 5 minutes before becoming suddenly overwhelmed with enough hatred for non-Muslims to want to kill them.

Hey, wait a minute, aren't there anti-abortion Christians out there with enough hatred to murder, why pick on Muslims? First of all, while eight abortion providers have died at the hands of fanatical Christians in the past 15 years, hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the globe have died in the same time period at the hands of barbaric Muslims. No comparison. While I have no sympathy for the fanatical Christians, I have yet to read an article that starts off with "a recent Christian convert went on a rampage and killed random non-Christians this afternoon..."

It only takes a person a short time being a Muslim before they get Sudden Jihad Syndrome and wish to cleanse the world of infidels. That's because Islam teaches, instructs, commands the faithful to hate the non-believer.

Recent converts hating infidels reminds me of this joke:

A black family moves to a great neighborhood with their kids. There's a park pretty close to the house and the youngest loves to play baseball. Every day he goes to the park and asks to play with the white kids and they tell him "no, we don't play with black kids". This goes on most of the summer... One day, breaking balls one of the white kids said "If you paint yourself white, we'll let you play". The kid ran home and covered himself the best he could with paint from his dad's garage. He came back and they decided to let him play.

He came home from baseball, walked in the door and his mother freaked out. She thought he had been the victem of a hate crime or some shit like that. He told her what happened and she spanked him for disrespecting his race. Later his older brother came home, found out about it and beat him up. Just before dinner, his father came home to a very pissed-off wife, heard the story and immediately came upstairs. He sat his son down and told him how important it is to be true to yourself, gave him a talking to about Martin Luther King and an asswhoopin'.

At dinner, they were still all upset and yelling at him. The boy excused himself from the table and said: Damn! I've only been white one day and I already hate you guys.

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