Norwegian Dawn Rescues Sailor

norwegian dawn rescue

At 3:30 this morning I awoke from the shaking of the Norwegian Dawn as it was backing up against heavy winds and torrential rains. I went out on the veranda and saw spotlights on a small sailboat that looked on the verge of overturning.

The Norwegian Dawn sent out a small rescue boat and was able to retrieve the sailboat's only occupant and bring him aboard the cruise ship amid thunderous applause from all the passengers watching the thrilling rescue. Unfortunately the sailor's sailboat scraped up against the Norwegian Dawn twice and then drifted off into the darkness.

There were hundreds of cameras flashing and I could see numerous hands outstretched holding cellphone cameras taking in the action.

This was the highlight of the trip since we have had terrible weather all the way down here. It is now raining in Bermuda. I was hoping I would be too busy having fun to blog.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

The photo is courtesy of NCL and is of a rescue from last July, see details at blogger Cruise Diva - I will replace this photo with those from this morning's rescue later tonight.

UPDATE: 24 June 2009 11:59 PM Bermuda time

The photo below is of the sailboat as it scrapes against the Norwegian Dawn. (Photo by Planck's Constant. Click on image for larger view.

sailboat rescue by norwegian dawn

I have a video of the rescue but the Internet connection is by satellite and it will take too long to upload. I will upload it on Sunday. The Norwegian Dawn has wireless Internet for 75 cents a minutes and 40 cents per minute if you buy $100.00 worth at a time. A few suites have an ethernet plug so you don't have to leave your cabin to get to a wireless hot spot. I'm told all new cruise ships are being built with Ethernet connections in every stateroom.

See June 24 2009 Norwegian Dawn Sailboat Rescue Videos for the updated video.

This story covers item #93 from my post Things I have Done.

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