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In my article Sometimes Muslim Men Are Good to their Wives, I linked to two articles about pre-pubescent girls who were forced into marriages to older Muslim men. I mentioned these articles as examples of Islamic misogyny and pedophilia that have not changed since 632 A.D.

In answer to my criticism of these practices, a visitor to my blog with the clever nom de plume of "anon" replied in a comment: "In the mean time, Please give a reasonable excuse for another young woman stabbed by a non-Muslim white man. Thanks." And left a link (1) to a news story about a young non-Muslim female in the UK who was brutally stabbed nine times.

I suppose then, by showing that a non-Muslim murdered a young girl that somehow this excuses Islamic honor killings, pedophilia, stoning, rapes, and acid face-baths.

Now I have no way of knowing if "anon" is a Muslim, a Muslim apologist, or just a clueless Liberal. In any case, is there some genetic defect that makes these kinds of idiots so dense that they equate this murder as equivalent to an honor killing?

I responded :

Haloscan Comment

anon, you miss the point, in the case you linked to, there was no one in the community who hid the perpetrator. There is no culture that condoned it. There was no group that said she deserved it. Whoever killed her will be punished.

I never said that in the infidel world there are no murders. But in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, when a father slaughters his daughter or wife for acting dishonorably, the community protects the murderer, the culture condones the killing, everyone agrees the victim had it coming.

In what Universe, on what planet, in what detail does the murder of the young girl you mention in the slightest degree resemble an Islamic Honor killing?

In my article 13 Beautiful Muslim Women I displayed only 13 of thousands of Muslim women who are annually disfigured by acid thrown in their face for the crime of asking for a divorce. In America if a husband disfigures his wife it makes national news. When a Muslim woman is disfigured it doesn't even make the local paper in an Islamic country.

More on the image at top:

RImage ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: Nasreen Sharif, 26, an acid victim burned 11 years ago, who is totally blind, poses June 24, 2007 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Nasreen is from the small village of Shakna Ganeshpur in Punjab, she was burned when she was only 15 years old after rejecting a marriage from a much older man who was her father's cousin.

The attacker was originally charged facing up to 25 years in prison but after a large bribe of $10,000 was paid, he was released after 3 months. The man is now a lawyer.

"I used to cry a lot but now after all this time I see the world has many other miseries and mine is a small one."

Nasreen is still struggling with being blind, living in Pakistan means that she has few choices for her career. Depilex Smileagain Foundation, a non-governmental organization is helping her recovery with vocational training and ongoing reconstructive surgery. Depilex Smileagain Foundation has a program in Italy for medical care.

Nasreen was sent for three years in order to get in-depth surgical care. The UN and other human rights organizations have issued reports for years on many forms of violence against women in Pakistan which involve domestic violence, rape, and honor killings.

Acid is thrown at women to avenge the shame that the woman is accused of bringing. Typically it is over marriage refusals, which are often arranged, arguments in the home and sexual advances that are rejected. Acid burns rarely kill but result in serious disfigurement and suffering which can confine women to their homes, leading to social isolation and depression. Allegations are made and the crime is committed. The acid is cheap and readily available to all. Although women have protested the open sale of acid, it is still easily available. Women in Pakistan face biases in the criminal justice system and police are reluctant to deal with the so called 'family matters'. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Exclusive by Getty Images)

I receive numerous emails telling me that I misrepresent how women are treated in Islam, how women have these great rights, how free they are, blah, blah, blah. If there is anyone who is in denial on this Earth it is a Muslim woman; see Muslim Women Slaves in Denial.



BBC News, Father found model daughter dying

Andrew Barnes discovered his daughter, Amy Leigh, 19, with her "eyes half open" and "struggling to breathe" at her grandmother's house in Bolton.

She had been slashed and stabbed nine times, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Ricardo Morrison, 21, from Birmingham, denies murder. His mother, Pc Melda Wilks, denies assisting an offender.


Mr Barnes told jurors he entered the terraced house in Moss Street just before midnight on 8 November, 2008, to find his daughter on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

"She had cuts to her face and she was lying in the foetal position," he said.

He dialled 999 and spoke to the same operator that his daughter had spoken to just minutes before.

The court heard she had called the emergency services pleading with them to help her, saying, "He's stabbed me to death... my boyfriend".

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