June 24 2009 Norwegian Dawn Sailboat Rescue Videos

On 24 Jun 2009 the Norwegian Dawn rescued a sailor from a sailboat stuck in a storm about 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda. See my article Norwegian Dawn Rescues Sailor. I had promised to post some videos and received more than a dozen emails from cruise passengers who were aboard that night and wanted to see them.

So for you viewing pleasure:

This YouTube video is when we first spotted the sailboat at about 3:30 a.m. The sea was pitch black and it was raining heavily so some scenes are very dark.

The first minute all we see is the sailboat's flashing beacon. The voices you hear belong to my son, my daughter-in-law, my wife and me. At the 1:10 minute mark you can see the sailor and you will hear my wife scream as she mistakenly thinks the sailboat is about to tip over. You can hear how heavy the rain is coming down.

At 1:47 we see the Norwegian Dawn crew preparing a rescue boat on the port side.

At 2:04 the Norwegian Dawn's spotlight highlights the heavy rain.

At 2:18 the sailboat is heading directly toward the still-moored rescue boat. We thought that the crew would be able to grab it somehow but it drifted away too quickly. Meanwhile hundreds of camera flashes from passengers are pouring down on the scene.

At 3:25 the rescue boat with 3 crew members finally takes off after the drifting sailboat. We see the current swirling them around and it takes a few minutes for the coxswain to get his steering legs.

The video repeats after the 4:00 mark - I'll edit that out later.

In this video the sailor is already on the rescue boat, but his sailboat is scraping the side of the Norwegian Dawn directly below our veranda (we're on level 11) - for a moment we thought it would go under our ship.

This story covers item #12 from my post Things I have Done.

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