Deporting Muslims and Banning Mongoose

mesmerising mongoose
mesmerising mongoose
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Sometimes I get an email from a reader who thinks he needs to point out that only a small, particular, extreme sect of Islam is involved in actual terrorist acts and that all the other denominations of Islam (of which there are many) are peaceful and harmless; that it is misguided to blame all of Islam for the crimes of the very, very few.

I agree, however I do not care about terrorists and I certainly do not fear Muslims simply because a few thousand are involved in terror every month. Let me make clear now: the majority of Muslims in America (almost all of whom we would call moderate) are law-abiding, honest, non-violent and not directly a threat to the security of this country. But the problem with moderate Muslims is not that they are jihadists but that they are Muslim.

Jihadists will not turn America into a Muslim country no matter how many cities they blow up, no matter how many buildings they bring down, no matter how many innocent lives are lost in a coffee-shop suicide bombing; no, I am not worried about extremists, there are only a few hundred thousand of them at most anyway. The problem is the tens of millions of moderate Muslims who infiltrate a country. It is the moderate Muslim who refuses to cook bacon when he gets a job as a cook (1). It is the moderate Muslim who insists that music and art classes be removed from school curricula (2). It is the moderate Muslim who demands that a factory assembly line stop so he can pray (3). It is the moderate Muslim who in every possible instance finds something offensive in western culture and who demands accommodation to his religious needs.

There is No Defense Against Moderate Muslims

If we let in more Muslims we will slowly lose everything that makes America America. Our holidays offend, our advertisements offend, our movies and entertainment offend, our beaches offend, our schools offend, every particle of modern civilization offends and in the end, we will be complete dhimmis without one shot being fired, without one vest being unzipped, without any war being declared. Since we can't shoot them, there is no defense against moderate Muslims. The only cure is banning the further importation of them and the deportation of every practicing Muslim.

Not because they are physically dangerous - but because they are culturally destructive.

Regarding the photo of the mongoose above: they were imported into the West Indies to kill rats and snakes but they wound up destroying almost every other small fauna. The US, Australia, and many other countries wisely ban the import of most species of mongoose precisely because mongoose cannot integrate into a local animal society, they annihilate everything their size or smaller. The only cure for a mongoose infestation is a compete ban on their immigration and a total deportation of existing members.



Planck's Constant, 13 Things to Consider before Hiring Muslims

A Muslim chef is suing the Met police after being asked to cook pork sausages and bacon for breakfast.

Hasanali Khoja is accusing the force of religious discrimination after it refused to guarantee that he would not have to handle pork.


Planck's Constant, When is Too Many Muslims?

Some parents also object to the use of musical instruments in music lessons, fearing their connection with pop music and Western youth culture, which they see as riddled with sex and drugs. There have even been requests for separate play areas and separate classes for boys and girls, which would be at odds with Small Heath's status as a co-educational school.


Planck's Constant, Muslims and the Diversity Jihad

Psychological Jihad was being waged last week at the offices of Dell computers after Somali Muslim temporary workers walked off their jobs and claimed they were not being given prayer time. The situation was exploited by Islamist organisations such as the Council of American Islamic Relations, and the Human Rights Commission, who intimidated Dell into giving into the workers demands which included monetary benefits such as back salaries for time off additional undisclosed payments. It is highly symbolic that this 'Jihad by Da'wa ' is taking place at Dell, one of the world's leading computer firms ,owned by Michael Dell, one of the richest men in the country, who 'happens' to be Jewish. The fact that Dell dominates the computer market in Israel could be another reason why CAIR wants to portray them as 'anti Muslim' and threaten a boycott of their products.

The audacity of temporary workers demanding that their religious 'needs' be accommodated has nothing to do with freedom of religion or civil rights. It is an attempt to bring Islam into the American workplace under the guise of 'tolerance and diversity'. Even more alarming is that Dell has agreed to give employees training in the 'requirements' of Muslims. This training is simply an exercise in dhimmitude and a further attempt to push Islam by forcing workers to attend lessons about Islam, coyly referred to by CAIR as "additional training on religious accommodation policies and practices." No doubt CAIR will demand to send in "speakers" to 'train' Dell management and employees about 'how to be sensitive to the needs of Muslims' (aka dhimmitude).

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