Pretending to Care for the Poor

I know with absolute certainty that any program that "helps" the poor by taking money from someone else, actually hurts the poor. The Great Depression was a great depression instead of a short recession precisely because our government socialized our economy with measures that spent our monies on feelgood projects that did absolutely nothing to improve the situation. If World War Two had not come along, we would still to this day be funding Public Work Projects to no good purpose and we would never have gotten out of our economic malaise.

Whenever the government screws up they try to fix the problem with more of the same. The outrageously high rising costs of health care are due to medicare and its attendant fraud, misuse and abuse. When Obama says he will reduce health care costs he means he will force doctors and clinics to reduce their prices, and thereby reduce the number of doctors and clinics (as happened in Canada), so to fix the problem caused by too much government we will inject more government into the process.

Few Americans realize that Canada sends its citizens to the US for health care because they do not have enough doctors, medical equipment and clinics to service their citizens. Why? Because socialized medicine in Canada is a failure that appears to work because they have a place to go.

Should we ever have a system like Canada's then their system will finally collapse because there will no longer be a place with the best health facilities in the world to go to.

Most Americans do not know that all of our programs to help the poor are complete failures. Despite decades of affirmative action there are more blacks in prison than in college. Despite decades of welfare, food stamps, and thousands of programs to "help" the poor, the poor in America are worse off than they were in 1965.

Any person who does the research easily comes to the conclusion that all these social programs are a hoax, that they help no one but the politician who sponsors and supports these programs for the votes of the poor and downtrodden who sadly do not realize that the reason they are poor and downtrodden is because of these programs.

I have done more to help poor people than Ted Kennedy in his entire life because I never did anything to perpetuate their poverty and misery. I can forgive celebrities who support left wing causes because they are too stupid to understand economics. I do not forgive Ted Kennedy who had read all the government reports and statistics showing that these programs are abysmal failures but who kept supporting them anyway in order to maintain the pretense that he cared for the poor.

Here below is the symbol of the Kennedy Memorial HealthCare Program:

Obama Health Care Symbol
Photo Credit: funniepicturez

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