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Blogging Readiness
Blogging Readiness
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I am often asked if I would like to contribute to other blogs and as much as I am flattered I must turn the request down. If I had the time I'd write 6 or more articles per day because at least that many topics come up daily which I would love to write about.

Sadly however, I am presently engaged in a few business startups that require almost all of my attention which is why lately you might only see about 7 posts a week.

But for those bloggers who would like to reprint any of my posts, please note that I end every article with the following permissio scribo:

You may republish any content from Planck's Constant and use it for any non-commercial purpose without needing my permission as long as you link back to the original article.
Read my License

Inside that link to my license I have the following instruction to make it simple for other bloggers to reprint my articles:

Using Firefox or Google Chrome: While viewing my article hit Ctrl-U or right click and choose "View Page Source"

Using IE: While viewing my article right click and choose "View Source"

then search for

"<!-- Clip Start"

From this point copy all the text until you reach

"<!-- Clip End -->"

Then paste directly into your blog editor.

That's it. All the photo credits and layout will be carried over to your own post. Simply prepend or postpend any of your own commentary; add an attribution back to my article and you're done.

Please note that images are hotlinked back to my server and so do not use up any of your blog bandwidth. As long as you have properly credited the article this is fine with me. If you wish, you can download the image and replace my image with your hosted image instead; however in either case do not alter the photo credits.

My most reproduced article is Muslim Humor - Muslim Jokes.

My most linked-to article is How to get a Muslim`s goat - sex with animals

I would like to thank all those bloggers who link to me or have reprinted my writings in thousands of blog articles. It is greatly appreciated.

### End of my article ###

Bloggers: For non-commercial use you may repost this article without asking permission - read how.

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