Sweaty Teenage Girls in Thongs

Sweaty Teenage Girls in Thongs

It's 73 degrees in New York City this afternoon and for some unknown reason I began to think about Sweaty Teenage Girls in Thongs.

Actually, I think about nearly naked beach babes at any temperature at any time of the year. However the real reason for displaying sexy pictures of young girls and bikinis, boobs, breasts, and butts is that I need to attract my Muslim readers and nothing brings them here better than college girls' cleavage and public flashing of thongs.

The interested reader should click on the ClusrMaps widget in my sidebar to see that in the past six months I have rounded up a healthy number of visitors from Muslim countries: Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Bangladesh, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Oman, Palestinian Territory, Nigeria, Iraq, Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen , Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan and what the hell, let me just say that if a Muslim country allows Internet access then its citizens visit Planck's Constant.

I do not delude myself into thinking that they come here for my coruscating and instructive essays on the danger of Islam to the rest of the world or to be rebuked for their brutal treatment of Muslim women or even to get a laugh from my hilarious Muslim jokes; I know they really come here because I supply a never-ending treat of beautiful and vulnerable young women suitable for enslaving.

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