Why I chose the name Planck`s Constant for my blog

In my article My Logo - Isra and Mi`raj I explained why I chose Mohammed on a flying horse as my blog's logo.

Now I will explain the two reasons I picked Planck's Constant as the name for my blog. The first is because I believe in absolutes. In every part of the universe I live in, Planck's Constant is a certain number of joule seconds, namely planck's constant

which is needed to compute the energy of a light particle such as the photon. If h is Planck's Constant and f is the frequency of the photon then hf is the energy of the photon.

While other things may be true only on Earth such as Darwin's Theory (on other planets different mechanisms may play in the creation of new species) or Murphy's Law, Planck's Constant is the same everywhere in our universe.

Now we come to reason number two for the name of my blog: Many may not realize it but Planck's Constant is the most important physical constant for atheists for it proves that God cannot be Omniscient.

According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle the position and momenta of quantum particles cannot be determined beyond an accuracy smaller than a fixed fraction of Planck's constant. Thus God may either know a photon's position accurately but not its momentum or know its momentum accurately but not its position.

I assume for a moment that God made the universe and all the particles that comprise existence. If this is so, this is the property He gave them. Even He must obey the laws of physics that He created.

At one time, intelligent people believed the Earth to be the center of the Universe; indeed, the Qur'an tells us that the Sun orbited the Earth and dove into a muddy or murky lake at the end of its daily rounds. But we have come a long way since the Qur'an was written.

I understand that there are folks out there who are very intelligent and believe in God. However, if they believe that He is All-Knowing then they are simply not yet acquainted with the laws He made governing the particles He created. I have not in this article made the assertion that God does not exist, merely that He cannot be Omniscient according to His own rules.

Just as there are few folks left that believe God is pulling the Sun around the Earth in some great golden chariot, so too, the notion of an Omniscient God will pass in another few generations. It took Christians a few centuries to finally admit that Galileo's notions of heliocentrism is the correct view. It should take only a century for them to realize that Heisenberg's uncertainty principle applies to God as well.

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