Ft Hood Lesson: Keep Muslims out of Military

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One only needs to know two things about Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan, the suspected shooter in the massacre at Fort Hood:

  1. Hasan was a pious lifelong Muslim.

  2. Hasan was about to deploy overseas, possibly in Afghanistan or Iraq.

This is enough to test any Muslim's true loyalty. And even though Hasan was born in America, he was a Muslim first.

As I wrote in my article Can Muslims be Good Americans?:

... it's not only in America that one questions the loyalty of Muslims, other nations throughout the world are finding out that Muslims cannot be good citizens of their own countries.

Last March three conscripts of the Austrian army refused to salute the Austrian flag because they said this was incompatible with their Islamic religion.

It is said that one of the reasons why the French authorities did not employ the army during the November 2005 riots, despite calls to do so, was because 15% of the French armed forces are made up of Muslims.

Last month a Swiss website reported that some are concerned about the rising number of Muslim soldiers in the Swiss army. The number of Muslim citizens in Switzerland has grown from 16,000 to 310,000 during the past four decades.

When will we learn?

The Full Story

National Post, 12 dead, dozens injured after shooting rampage at U.S. military base

FORT HOOD, Texas -- A soldier who was being blamed for a shooting rampage that left 11 people dead at a U.S. military base in Texas on Thursday was an army doctor whose area of expertise included mental health issues, military officials said.

Maj. Malik Nidal Hasan, 39 years old, was being identified as a gunman after the massacre at Fort Hood, the largest military base in the United States.

The Virginia Board of Medicine told CNN that Maj. Hasan served in the army as a doctor who helped others deal with mental health issues.

Maj. Hasan was unhappy about his scheduled deployment to Iraq, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson told CNN.

The gunman, who had reportedly been armed with two handguns, was killed and two other suspects were in custody following the shooting, base commander Lt.-Gen. Bob Cone said.

The shooting left another 31 people injured.

Lt.-Gen. Cone said that all three suspects were soldiers. The shooting unfolded around 1:30 p.m. local time.

It was not immediately clear whether the victims were civilians or military personnel stationed on the base, which has as many as 40,000 troops, most of whom have seen extensive tours of duty in Iraq.

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