German Nobel Prize Laureates

The experimental apparatus with which the team of Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission in 1938

I was watching the History Channel's Modern Marvels when an interesting interstitial between the program and commercials announced that before 1933 Germany led the world in Nobel Prizes.

Here's how it looked for the top 5 countries with Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Literature from 1901 through 1933:

  • Germany: 35

  • UK: 21

  • France: 19

  • Sweden: 10

  • USA: 8

This translates to 1.06 Nobel winners per year. After 1933, Germany garnered a measly 40 Nobel Laureates over the course of the next 75 years or 0.53 Nobel winners per year, remarkably exactly half of what it was before 1933.

So what happened? If we look at the years before 1933, we find that 29% of German Nobel Prize winners were Jews. After 1933, less than one-half of one percent of German Nobel Prize winners were Jewish. Germany's Jews fled to other countries and consequently from 1934 to 2009 Germany with all its great universities, world renowned chemical factories, and medical institutions garnered a measly 40 Nobel Laureates, of whom only 2 were Jews. This is what happens when Jews are chased out of a country.

Since 1933, 152 Jews have won Nobel Prizes throughout the world. Had Hitler not destroyed 75% of Germany's Jews, I have no doubt that Germany would still be leading the world in Nobel Prize winners. The majority of Jews from Germany, Austria, and other countries under Nazi domination escaped to the US which, not coincidentally, now has the highest number of Nobel Laureates (40% of whom are Jews). This is what happens when you accept Jews into your country.

Here is a list of pre-1933 Nobel Laureates born in Germany or of German descent. Jews are denoted by a * after the award year, sort of like a yellow badge, if you will.

YearLaureateAwardBirth Place
1901Wilhelm Conrad RöntgenPhysicsPrussia
1901Emil Adolf von BehringMedicinePrussia
1902Theodor MommsenLiteratureDenmark
1902Hermann Emil FischerChemistryGermany
1905*Adolf von BaeyerChemistryGermany
1905Philipp LenardPhysicsSlovakia
1905Robert KochMedicineGermany
1907Eduard BuchnerChemistryGermany
1908*Paul EhrlichMedicinePrussia/Poland
1908Rudolf Christoph EuckenLiteratureGermany
1909Wilhelm OstwaldChemistryLatvia
1909Karl Ferdinand BraunPhysicsGermany
1910Paul Johann Ludwig HeyseLiteratureGermany
1910Albrecht KosselMedicineGermany
1910*Otto WallachChemistryPrussia/Now Russia
1911Wilhelm WienPhysicsEast Prussia
1912Gerhart HauptmannLiteraturePrussia
1914Max von LauePhysicsGermany
1915*Richard WillstätterChemistryGermany
1918Max PlanckPhysicsGermany
1918*Fritz HaberChemistryPoland
1919Johannes StarkPhysicsGermany
1920Walther NernstChemistryPrussia/Now Poland
1921*Albert EinsteinPhysicsGermany
1922*Otto Fritz MeyerhofMedicineGermany
1925*Gustav Ludwig HertzPhysicsGermany
1925*James FranckPhysicsGermany
1927Heinrich Otto WielandChemistryGermany
1928Adolf Otto Reinhold WindausChemistryGermany
1929Thomas MannLiteratureGermany
1930Hans FischerChemistryGermany
1931Friedrich BergiusChemistryPoland
1931Carl BoschChemistryGermany
1931*Otto Heinrich WarburgMedicineGermany
1932Werner Karl HeisenbergPhysicsGermany

The list of German Nobel Winners after 1933 can be found below.

Those with limited intelligence may ask, "So Jews left Germany after 1933 - so what?" Actually, Hitler thought the very same thing: In 1933, Max Planck, as president of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft (Kaiser Wilhelm Society), met with Adolf Hitler. During the meeting, Planck told Hitler that forcing Jewish scientists to emigrate would mutilate Germany and the benefits of their work would go to foreign countries. Hitler responded with a rant against Jews... [Wiki]

Actually, the Jews leaving Germany was a lucky thing for the world. The photo at the top of this article displays the experimental apparatus with which the team of Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission in December 1938 [Wiki]. Lise Meitner, an Austrian Jew, in July of that year had already fled Germany.

Meitner passed the news to Niels Bohr (another Jew), who was to lecture at Princeton University. Isidor Isaac Rabi (Jew) and Willis Lamb, two Columbia University physicists working at Princeton, heard the news and carried it back to Columbia. Rabi told Enrico Fermi and so it went on. Eventually Albert Einstein (Jew) was elected to write a letter to President Roosevelt describing the potential power of a nuclear bomb.

The Manhattan Project was successful precisely because of Jews who escaped the Nazis. If it weren't for the stupidity of Adolph Hitler and his hatred of Jews, he would have had nuclear weapons before anyone else.

Some of these ideas I have previously covered in my article How Jews Saved the World from Tyranny.

Germany's Nobel Winners after 1933:

YearLaureateAwardBirth Place
1935Hans SpemannMedicineGermany
1938Richard KuhnChemistryAustria
1939Gerhard DomagkMedicineGermany
1939Adolf ButenandtChemistryGermany
1944Otto HahnChemistryGermany
1950Kurt AlderChemistrySilesia/Now Poland
1950Otto DielsChemistryGermany
1953Hermann StaudingerChemistryGermany
1954Walther BothePhysicsGermany
1956Werner ForssmannMedicineGermany
1961Rudolf MössbauerPhysicsGermany
1963Johannes Hans Daniel JensenPhysicsGermany
1963Karl ZieglerChemistryGermany
1964Feodor Felix Konrad LynenMedicineGermany
1967Manfred EigenChemistryGermany
1972Heinrich BöllLiteratureGermany
1973Ernst Otto FischerChemistryGermany
1979Georg WittigChemistryGermany
1984Georges J.F. KöhlerMedicineGermany
1985Klaus von KlitzingPhysicsPoland
1986Gerd BinnigPhysicsGermany
1986Ernst RuskaPhysicsGermany
1987J. Georg BednorzPhysicsGermany
1988Hartmut MichelChemistryGermany
1988*Robert HuberChemistryGermany
1988Johann DeisenhoferChemistryGermany
1989Wolfgang PaulPhysicsGermany
1991Erwin NeherMedicineGermany
1991Bert SakmannMedicineGermany
1994*Reinhard SeltenEconomicsSilesia/Now Poland
1995Christiane Nüsslein-VolhardMedicineGermany
1998Horst L. StörmerPhysicsGermany
1999Günter GrassLiteratureDanzig
2000Herbert KroemerPhysicsGermany
2001Wolfgang KetterlePhysicsGermany
2005Theodor W. HänschPhysicsGermany
2007Peter GrünbergPhysicsMoravia
2007Gerhard ErtlChemistryGermany
2008Harald zur HausenMedicineGermany
2009Herta MüllerLiteratureRomania

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