Berkeley High: How to Achieve Racial Equality in Schools

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Just when I began to think that Liberals could not be more stupid, they go and do this: Berkeley High School in California is considering a program to eliminate science labs (and five science teachers) in order to divert the monies spent on them to help struggling students. Of course, by struggling students we mean blacks and Hispanics.

According to Berkeley High's School Governance Council (a group of teachers, parents, and students) which approved this idiocy: "Berkeley High was identified as the high school with the largest racial equity/achievement gap in the state. This is unconscionable.” (1)

So, in order to make sure that whites, Jews, and Asians do not excel and therefore achieve more, the school will instead spend more money on programs that the blacks can excel at. I will tell you right now that those programs will not reduce the racial gap; these particular blacks will still be dumber than the rest of white society, but in this particular high school, they will be less dumb than these particular white students, and that is what is important to Liberals: that they feel better about racial equality.

Before some of my black readers get their do-rags in a twist, let me say that I do not believe that blacks are genetically inferior intellectually to any other race. That they are educationally inferior is a given, but that is a cultural problem. As long as blacks grow up believing that they are culturally different they will remain inferior in our society, just as most French Muslims remain inferior in France because they do not assimilate.

Believe it or not, there are Muslims who were born in France and lived their entire lives in France but who do not speak French! End that last sentence with as many exclamation marks as you care to, and it is still incredible.

Likewise, there are many, many blacks (and Hispanics) who were born here and attended our schools but who do not speak our language. Dis be no honky jibe my homey.

Black parents must stop with the African-American nonsense: naming their kids Tawanda and Leshawn and going to black churches that teach Afro-centrism. As I wrote in Obama and his dangerous religion: "If you are a black born and bred in America, you should be proud of being an American, not an African. What does Africa have to be proud of? After thousands of years of civilization, Africa is still a cauldron of racial, ethnic and tribal hatreds with a barbarity only matched by the growing Muslim populations."

Unless black parents start teaching their kids that "acting white" is not only OK but to be striven for, their kids will remain forever trapped in ghetto misery and poverty.

If your child is short, the solution is not to cut off the legs of white children in order to make them seem equal, but to ensure your child gets the proper nutrition for growth.

In education, teaching black culture will only stunt intellectual growth. Blacks need more science and math classes not less. Otherwise when your child comes looking to me for a job I will have no use for him or her. I need employees who have proven academic skills. A degree in basket-weaving or Black History means nothing to me.



Berkeleyside, Endangered science at BHS

Berkeley High’s School Governance Council voted this week to approve principal Jim Slemp’s latest proposal for a new schedule at BHS.


The most contentious aspect of the new schedule is the elimination of before- and after-school time for science labs. The extra funding that goes to science will be used instead for unspecified “equity grants”, aimed at reducing the achievement gap in the school.

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