Blacks Killed More Blacks than the KKK Did

In reply to my article Blacks are more Racist than Whites, a reader disagreed with the statement of a previous reader that Blacks have killed more Blacks than the KKK ever did.

Well then, how many blacks did the KKK kill since the end of the Civil War?

Let's take just the years from 1884 to 1900. The number of persons lynched in the United States during that period was 2,516. Of these about 66% were Negroes [using the official name at the time] and (interestingly) 33% were whites [Ray Stannard Baker, American Magazine, Following the Color Line (1908)].

Tuskegee Institute, now Tuskegee University, is recognized as the official expert that has documented lynchings from 1882 through 1968. During that period they report that there were 3,446 lynchings of African Americans and 1,297 lynchings of whites.

Before 1882, there were about 2,100 lynchings by KKK members. Assuming all those killed were African Americans we arrive at a maximum number: less than 5,600 Blacks were killed by the KKK since its founding.

Indeed, Lynching Century states that "From 1865 to 1965 more than 6,000 African-Americans died in racial violence in the United States." That is, 6,000 Blacks killed by all sources, not just by KKK members.

It should be noted that Blacks make up 34% of those executed since 1976, so after a century we are in fact lynching executing a lower percentage of Blacks. Ah, progress.

Now how many Blacks were murdered by other Blacks? Let's forget about the past 144 years. Let's forget about the last decade. Let's just take one single year. According to the FBI's Crime Statistics for the year 2004, there were 16,137 murders in that year, of which 6,632 of the victims were Black.

The same data show that for single victim/single offender incidents of which there were 3,067 Black victims, 92.2 percent of them, or 2827, were murdered by black offenders. Extrapolating for multiple victim/single offender incidents for the remaining 3,565 Black victims gives us 3,286 Blacks killed by other Blacks. So in one single year, Blacks killed more than 6,000 other Blacks.

That's right - in one year, Blacks have murdered more of their own than the KKK killed in a century and a half of lynchings.

I am not condoning the lynching of even one single Black man by white racists in the past. Those years in our history were a brutal, depraved period. I merely report the numbers for perspective. While Black demagogues like to prattle on about white racism as the major problem for Blacks in America, as if the KKK is alive and well, the real problem is Black on Black crime.

The thing keeping Blacks from advancing more than they have is not racism nor the KKK nor Jew Bankers nor Korean Deli owners, but Blacks themselves.

I picked the year 2004 because in that year Bill Cosby told Black parents that if they wanted to see their children succeed then they must educate their children on the many different aspects of American culture, not on "being Black" or blaming whitey for all their problems.

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