13 Hardest Toys to Find this Christmas

Sure, you can google for the hottest toys for Christmas 2009, but where will that get you? Your son or daughter will simply end up with a toy that every kid has. Boring.

Want to present your child with an unusual, one-of-a-kind gift that his friends will oooh and aaah over? Then check out my list: The 13 Hardest Toys to Find this Christmas. And they are hard to find, not because every Tom, Dick, and Mohammed is out there buying it, but because hardly anyone stocks them. So print out this post and take it with you when you visit Toys-R-US (or if you're in Harlem "We-B-Toys") and ask the salesclerk if the store carries any of my suggestions. You will be happy you did.

And by the way, tell them that Planck's Constant Blog sent you. It won't get you any discount, but it might get me some extra traffic.

Here they are:

  1. peepin tommy night-vision goggles

    Peepin Tommy night-vision goggles
    (mask & crowbar sold separately)

  2. john candy land

    John Candy land

  3. easy bake meth lab

    easy bake meth lab

  4. lawn dart tag

    lawn dart tag

  5. honka trucks for white trash kids

    honka trucks for white trash kids

  6. playdoh bling factory

    playdoh bling factory

  7. bump'em hump'em robots

    bump'em hump'em robots

  8. roadkill racoon

    roadkill racoon
    (with new action maggots)

  9. mrs boozely

    mrs boozely

  10. mary-kate's binge 'n' purge game

    mary-kate's binge 'n' purge game

  11. robert blake oj simpson michael jackson paris hilton robert downey jr  hollywood clue

    hollywood clue

  12. junior electrician home appliance repair kit

    junior electrician home
    appliance repair kit

  13. shiite pets

    shiite pets

Photos courtesy of jibjab.

OK, Seriously - there is only one thing kids really want this Christmas: A game. Any game. Forget Barbie Dolls, or Scrabble, or Risk. Get anything that plays on Wii, Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox.

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Disclaimer: I'm sure I will be breaking some FCC regulation if I don't mention this, but I am NOT getting compensated by any toy store or toy manufacturer for this article.

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