You Cannot Criticize Nazis If you Do not Speak German

We Speak German
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That's right: You Cannot Criticize Nazis If you Do not Speak German. Some of my readers will probably wonder why I am writing such absurd nonsense. But hear me out for a second.

Isn't it possible that Hitler's Mein Kampf has been misunderstood? Mein Kampf has often been translated as "My Fight", or "My Battle," when actually it only means "My Personal Struggle," you know, the exact same meaning of Jihad. Unless you know German, it is possible the English translations have mis-characterized Hitler's true feelings toward the Jews.

Some of my readers may not buy this argument; they may in fact point out that one does not need to speak German to view the tens of thousands of past acts of atrocity perpetrated because of the lies against Jews in 'Mein Kampf'.

Newcomers to my blog should not misunderstand my point of view. I indeed do agree that a skill in the German language is not necessary in order to see what the Nazis actually did. But the point all the while has been to show that similarly, one does not need skill in the Arabic language to understand the actions of the Muslim faithful when they follow the commands in the Qur'an.

While Hitler lied about a Jewish Plot to take over the world; it is no lie to say that Mohammed expressly stated that aim for his followers. No one in history has ever taken a photo of a Jew with a sign that proclaims, "Jews will rule the World," or "Death to those who slander Moses." Of course, there is no shortage of tens of thousands of such banners throughout the world held proudly high by Muslims. Not by al qaeda Muslims. Not by suicide bomber Muslims. But your average, otherwise seemingly peaceful, so-called moderate Muslim who that morning got upset because there was a rumor that an infidel mishandled a Qur'an or because a newspaper somewhere else in the world carried a non-complimentary article about Islam.

When an infidel has the audacity to blame the behavior on Muslims who too closely follow the Qur'an, he is strongly advised that he cannot criticize Islam or the Qur'an because he does not understand Arabic. That the English translations misconstrue what is the true beauty and intention of the Qur'an which can only be divined by reading it in the original Arabic.

Would we be wrong in pointing out that Osama bin Laden speaks Arabic very well having been born in Saudi Arabia, growing up there, going to school there, attending University there, where he spent much time studying the interpretation of the Qur'an. And in all his learning and knowledge of Arabic and the Qur'an, isn't it odd that his actions based on his translation of the Qur'an shows that his view of what the Qur'an says is exactly the same as mine? When I say that Islam requires all good Muslims to personally struggle for one world Caliphate, Osama bin Laden, Al-Amir, Al-Mujahid, the Lion Sheik, the destroyer of America does not disagree with me.

An observation regarding the photo above regarding the sign outside a supermarket in Germany owned by Jordanian Arabs: Has anyone ever seen a sign outside an Italian- or Korean- owned deli in America announcing that they speak English? Isn't it assumed that if you are an immigrant who owns a business that you speak the language of your host country? In Germany, it is so unusual that Muslim immigrants speak German that they have to announce it in big letters. They (Germans, French, British) made and continue to make a big mistake not demanding assimilation as price for living in their country.

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