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Because of the continuing problems caused by deforestation I am asking my readers not to print the contents of this article or any other article of mine thereby wasting paper. If you must share my insights and pithy aphorisms I ask that you simply email them to your friends and relatives.

Faithful reader Kim B. forwarded to me a photo showing how grave the matter has become:

no place left to pee

Joking aside, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who look at this photo and do not see any danger to the tree and those who know that in real life a tree exposed to this much dog urine would soon die.

As for the first kind, consider Etta B. from Baltimore who asked The Straight Dope, "...does dog urine hurt hedges (or bushes and trees)?" The answer of course: "Dogs don't bug me, Etta, it's their idiotic owners. It's hard to believe you've gotten through life without noticing that dog urine can cause grass, shrubs, and other plant life to turn brown and wither."

Similarly, there are idiots who go through life completely oblivious to the savagery caused by Muslims. Take for example, a recent comment from reader karan (from Hyderabad, India) in response to one of my most read articles Muslim Humor - Muslim Jokes: "arey u junk ass pepl y do u waste ur time creating all this luk at hindu muslim good relationships in india u english just feel jealous."

I replied:

karan, who are you kidding? Do you think we English do not read newspapers? Have we not seen the multiple bombings in Mumbai, Delhi, the attacks on the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Kashmir, etc. hundreds and thousands of incidents of sectarian violence between Muslims and Hindus?

How uneducated are you to ignore the split Muslims caused back in 1948 to rip India into two separate countries?

Hindu Muslim good relationships in India? This is even funnier than my Muslim jokes.

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