Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives II

liberals worry about nsa while world tumbles around them

Back in 2006 I wrote about The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives and how the invention of beer was one the foundations of modern civilization and the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: Liberals and Conservatives.

Today I received an email from reader Bernard Wishnia detailing more differences between the two:

If heConservativeLiberal
doesn't like gunsdoesn't buy onewants all guns outlawed
is a vegetariandoesn't eat meatwants meat products banned
is homosexualquietly leads his lifedemands legislated respect
is down-and-outthinks about how to better his lifewonders who is going to take care of him
doesn't like a talk show hostswitches channelsdemands host be shut down
is a non-believerdoesn't go to churchwants mention of God and religion silenced
decides needs health caregoes about shopping for itdemands that rest of us pay for his

In my FAQ, I wrote that:

I am a Libertarian but I have no problem with Conservatives, Republicans and Independents. I despise Democrats but not because they are different than me, but because they are a danger to our country and I cannot separate those who are useful idiots from those that are not.

Some readers have asked for more specificity regarding my political leanings, here they are:

Guns: No matter what they say, Liberals don't want guns in the hands of individuals because they do not believe in individualism. An unarmed America is a sheep waiting to be sheared. I believe everyone should walk around packing.

Corporate Taxes: I am opposed to corporate taxes because corporations, unless they are complete imbeciles, do not pay corporate income taxes. Except for Japan, we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world, and yet there is no shortage of headlines such as "Corporation X, paid zero taxes in 2009." If a company does somehow pay taxes, it is the consumer, through higher prices, who actually pays the corporate tax; and as such, corporate taxes are hidden personal taxes.

Individual Taxes: I oppose them.

Race: I do not believe any particular race should get any preferences by law. It was immoral when the race was White, it's immoral when the race is Black.

Capitalism: America, even at 51% Capitalism, generates greater wealth and allows more freedom that 100% of any other political system. If there are poor people in America, it is the fault of socialism.

Abortion: I am opposed to abortion. However - It is not my business. It is between a woman and her doctor.

Security: I believe in preemptive strikes. I find it odd that while Liberals enjoy making fun of Christians for believing things like "turning the other cheek," Liberals have no problem in waiting for terrorists to train, arm themselves, invade, and attack us before taking any action against them.

Government: I believe only in a government that supplies an army, a court system, and a local police force to protect us. I do not believe in the SEC, EPA, FDA, FTC, or any other three-letter government agency. If there is any ill in our country, it is caused by too much government interference.

Patriotism: I believe that jingoism in any other country except the USA is evil; while extreme pride in America is the only right moral sentiment in the world. We are the best country in the world, with the best political system, the best economic system, and the best culture. No matter what resentment everyone else may feel toward us, in the end the world will be wearing our jeans, watching our movies, reading our books, eating our burgers, and eventually, speaking our language. I should be proud to be an American when everyone in the world goes to sleep at night wishing they would wake up in America.

God: Nope.

Christmas: Despite my non-belief, as I wrote in a comment at Angel's blog Woman Honor Thyself :

I celebrate Christmas

As you know I am an atheist Jew who loves and celebrates Christmas. What’s not to love? Great songs and music and carolers, lovely traditions, decorating trees, picking out gifts for our loved ones, sending cards to distant friends that they are in our thoughts, snowmen on our front yard, tinsel hanging from branches, sitting with your family in front of a crackling fireplace, presents being opened, turkey in the oven, family and friends at your home, children riding in horse-drawn sleigh, windows festooned with bright lights, Santa and his reindeer, Rudolf, Christmas cartoons in the morning and Christmas movies on Christmas eve, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, my wife and I crying when Tiny Tim wishes “God bless us, everyone!” at the end of a Christmas Carol. There is nothing at all wrong with enjoying the Christmas Spirit.

You have to be a miserable, lonely, uncivilized boor not to love Christmas. Some people never understood the story of Scrooge.

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