Where Were Muslims When South Park Mocked Jesus

I wish the world were filled with Muslims like Kalsoom over at the blog CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan who confessed that she is both a Muslim and a fan of South Park.

Indeed, Kalsoom, even though uncomfortable about the depiction of Mohammed, is upset that someone in the name of a faith that she believes in, is threatening another person over it.

Sadly, this is no different than a Communist who is upset that Stalin killed tens of millions of Russians. It is not the individuals who are evil - it is the ideology. Russians as Russians are no different than anyone else given that every race on this planet has 99.9% of the same DNA. Once Russians became Communists they became evil.

The Chinese as Chinese are nice folks as folks go. Let them start reading Chairman Mao's Little Red Book and millions die.

Arabs as Arabs were a shining light unto civilization once, until they began to read another book and that light extinguished and has remained dark for over a thousand years.

So dear Kalsoom, be not upset with a few extremists who act in the name of Islam. The problem is you; you are the one not faithfully following the Qur'an. If you were, you'd be hunting down Trey and Matt right now for insulting the prophet, peace be upon him. Why are you ignoring rule number one about blasphemy: those who insult Allah, His Prophet, or Islam must be punished. And the punishment for blasphemy? You know what it is, say it, say it: go ahead say it: death!

Be happy that you are not a faithful Muslim. However I do have one complaint.

South Park JesusWhile we are on the subject of defaming prophets, my Muslim friend, since you are a South Park devotee, do you have a similar article complaining about the treatment of Jesus on that show?

Isn't one of the main tenets of the Islamic faith that Jesus was also a prophet? Where were you, where were other Muslims, where was Revolutionmuslim.com when Jesus was mocked?

Or is it just a lie that Muslims revere Jesus in order to pretend that Islam is a sister faith to Christianity, that Islam is just another Abrahamic faith which shares common values of Christianity and Judaism? Isn't this just another Islamic myth?

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