Spanish town to vote on Burqa ban

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Hopefully it won't be long before the burqa is banned throughout the whole of Europe and eventually in America. Last month Belgium drafted a law banning the garment in all public places, including on the streets. France as well approved a draft law to ban the full-face veil from public spaces.

The northern Italian town of Varallo Sesia banned Muslim women from wearing the body-concealing swimming costume known as a burqini. At least four German states have gone on to ban teachers from wearing headscarves; a majority of the Dutch public wants a new law to ban public servants from wearing headscarves or "other Islamic attire." (1)

Now a Spanish town could become the first in the country to ban the wearing of the burqa in municipal buildings.

UK Telegraph, Spanish town to vote on Burqa ban

A proposal for the town of Lerida was being drawn up to ban the face-covering Islamic veil in the municipality's buildings, a spokesman for the mayor's office said.

The town had asked its legal services to look into the possibility of banning the garment in all public spaces in the name of the fundamental rights of women, the official said.

"We cannot regulate the usage of the burqa in the road, but we can do that in municipal buildings," he said.

Few women wear the full veil in Lerida, a town in the Catalonia region that has about 140,000 residents, one-fifth of whom are immigrants including from North Africa.

So far Spain's socialist government is opposed to legislating against the burqa. Well, I say let them get bombed again. They will eventually come around to the idea that Muslims and civilized society do not go together.

Muslim immigrants who came to work in Europe for the past few decades were able to keep coming in in greater numbers because no one noticed them. But as they grew in population they became more demanding of accommodations to their religion. What before was merely a minor annoyance like an occasional fly at a picnic, now has become an unbearable cacophony of Muslim whining about this or that insult to their religion. Many in Europe are waking up to the fact that they have an infestation that can destroy the foundations of their very way of life. Hopefully, they won't take it anymore.



Jihad Watch, Ban public servants wearing headscarves: opinion poll

There has been a growing aversion in the Netherlands in the last two years to attire associated with Muslims. A similar poll in 2003 revealed a majority felt it was acceptable for public servants to wear such garb.

Some 57 percent of the public, for instance, has a fundamental objection to a teacher wearing a head scarf. The new poll also found 77 percent and 81 percent respectively against police officers and judges wearing a headscarf...

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