Why Do Muslims Abuse Women?

Muslim Acid Attack Against Women
Pakistani woman attacked by acid to her face
Photo Credit: AP

There are Honor Killings in almost every culture. The abuse of women occurs everywhere in the third world: women from Senegal to Cambodia who dare disobey their husbands or ask for divorce, or who even have the audacity of hope to attend school have acid thrown in their face. Young virgin girls aged 6 to 11 are married off to old men from Yemen to Thailand.

It is absolutely true that women are treated worse than cattle in the less-developed countries. However, it is also absolutely true that brutality against women is especially rampant in Islamic culture. If you wanted to make a small fortune, you could not do better than to bet that if a man disfigured a woman with acid, then most assuredly that man will turn out to be a Muslim.

I hereby challenge any Muslim reader to send me newsclips of such events where the attacker is a non-Muslim and I will counter with 100 similar crimes committed by a Muslim. I will post such entries on this blog and if I am ever unable to match 100 Muslim atrocities (without repetition) against every one infidel attacker then I will give the poster $1,000.00 in a cashier's check as reward.

I can do this in confidence because Muslims supply endless examples of their barbarity. In one single city in Pakistan alone there were more than 7,800 documented cases of women who were deliberately burned, scalded or subjected to acid attacks since 1994. The city is Islamabad - not the largest city - there are nine cities larger, some of them 10 to 20 times larger, and at least 140 cities of 50,000 or more population, so one can only imagine the tremendous quantity of poor women brutalized in that country alone.

Too Many Muslims - Too Many Savages

If I ever run out of Pakistani savages, there are 46 more Muslim-majority countries in which to cast about for Muslim beasts (with no insult to beasts intended). I will never be able to type fast enough to report every beheading, torture, rape, disfigurement, or abuse of women by Muslims. I believe I will need 12 monkeys typing 24 hours a day to keep up with Islamic barbarities.

So while it is true that many different tribes, cultures and ethnic groups mistreat their womenfolk: it is revealing that among the Pashtuns, Berbers, Arabs, Malays, Punjabis, Malians, Turks, Persians, and other ethnic groups that stone, behead, burn, and fling acid at their womenfolk, it is Muslim Pashtuns, Muslim Berbers, Muslim Arabs, Muslim Malays, Muslim Punjabis, Muslim Malians, Muslim Turks, Muslim Persians, and other Muslim groups that commit almost all of the stoning, beheading, burning, and acid flinging. Why is that?

Let me give the simple answer: It is in the very fabric of Islamic society to allow women to be tortured and abused. Here's an example: when a law banning wife abuse was proposed recently in Pakistan, several lawmakers objected, claiming the law could tear apart the social fabric by undermining families (1)! I cannot pound out enough exclamation marks to show my outrage at that statement.

We, in civilized societies, put people in prison even if they abuse dogs. But in Pakistan, they cannot bring themselves to outlaw the beating of women.

So why do Muslims abuse women? Because they can.

The observant reader will note that this post is filed under the category of Islamic Myths, the one we often hear from Muslims that tell us that Islam gave women rights and honor, that Islam is good for women. Let me know when that happens.



Dawn.com, Pakistan edges closer to banning domestic violence

For seven years, her husband taunted, threatened and thrashed her, she says. After she filed for divorce, he struck again, throwing enough acid on her face to destroy her left eye.

Why didn't she leave sooner? Or turn to the police for help? Zakia Perveen's scarred lips are quick to explain: She would have become a pariah in her conservative town of Jhelum.

''People don't appreciate women who go to police stations,'' the 38-year-old says. ''I just thought it was my destiny, my fate.''

Rights advocates hope a proposed law banning domestic violence will chip away at such attitudes, giving women a more even playing field and bringing Pakistan in line with a growing number of developing nations that have outlawed spousal abuse.

But several lawmakers in Parliament are objecting, claiming the law could tear apart the social fabric by undermining families.

Violence against women is a widespread phenomenon in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority nation of 175 million...

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