Thank God Turkey is Not in the EU

eiffel tower crescent - the islamization of Europe
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Turkey has been trying to join the European Union for more than 50 years. It should never be allowed to join. It is not a European country, its culture is not European, its people are still rooted in the barbaric 7th century.

If Europe ever needed proof of Turkey's true sentiments, we have only to note the recent attempts by Turkey to force Israel, the only democracy in the entire Middle East, to lift its blockade of Gaza (1). We see that even though it was once a close ally of Israel, even holding joint military exercises, that it would sever all its economic, military, and political ties with any infidel nation in favor of Islamic thugs.

This was an intentional act of provocation by Turkey in support of those who desire the complete eradication of Israel from the map of the world. Now that we see Turkey siding with terrorists, it is evident that should it ever win EU membership, the floodgates would open for every Muslim extremist in the world to come to Turkey, establish citizenship there, and then, utilizing the rule of the Freedom of movement for workers, proceed to infest every European city on the continent. And without dismantling the EU, there would be nothing that Europe will be able to do to stop it.

If any activists are dead, it is because they were purposely looking for confrontation. They got it - they're lucky the whole ship wasn't blasted out of the water.

If any activists are dead, it is Turkey's fault. It has no business supporting terror.

If any activists are dead, it is Obama's fault for treating Israel like a junkyard dog suitable for kicking. Obama should have told Turkey that the Gaza blockade is none of its business.

Israel has to stop pussy-footing around. She should declare outright that any aid to Gaza would be viewed as an act of war and any ship which did not follow Israel's orders would be sunk. Period. End of story.

When Former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing was asked what the effect of including Turkey in the EU would be, he said: "In my opinion, it would be the end of Europe." (2)

Now everyone has to figure out what to do with the Muslims who have already infiltrated Europe.



AP, Turkey calls on Israel to end blockade to restore ties

Turkey demanded Israel lift its blockade of Gaza as a condition for normalizing relations but added it was time that "calm replaced anger" after Israel's deadly raid on a Turkish-backed aid flotilla.

"The future of ties with Israel will depend on the attitude of Israel," Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conference in Ankara on his return from the United States.

"I see no reason for not normalizing the ties, once the Gaza blockade is lifted and our citizens are released."

Turkey canceled joint military exercises and recalled its ambassador from Israel after the flotilla incident on Monday, which has infuriated the Muslim country.

On Wednesday, Turkey's usually fractious parliament unanimously passed a non-binding declaration calling for a review of economic, political and military ties with Israel.


BBC News, 8 Nov 2002,
Turkey entry 'would destroy EU'

The man shaping the future constitution of the European Union was quoted on Friday as saying Turkey's entry into the EU would be "the end of Europe".

Former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing told Le Monde newspaper that people who backed Turkey's accession were "the adversaries of the European Union".

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