Alicia Machado In Pure Malice July Playboy Mexico 2010

Although I do not write any of my articles in Spanish, my blog attracts 2.5 times the number of Hispanic visitors than the average US website.

Some of this may be due to a handful of articles I write on beautiful Latina women. One particularly beautiful woman, Alicia Machado graced the cover of Playboy Mexico in Feb 2006. Since then she has become a mother and as the photo right shows, is once again on the cover of Playboy Mexico Magazine, this time for the July 2010 issue. For young men everywhere Alicia is arguably one of the top MILFs in the world, excuse the vulgarity.

Alicia gives an interview in the magazine and when asked, "When you hear the word sex, what is the first thing that comes into your head?" she answered, "Madness, joy and happiness." Spoken like a true infidel woman.

More of the interview here: Alicia Machado: Pure Malice.

For a gallery of photos of Alicia Machado in the July 2010 edition of Playboy Mexico go here, but caution some are NSFW.

Sort of related discussion: Some of my Muslim readers will complain that if Allah intended for women to go around naked He wouldn't have caused females to be born with little hijabs covering them as they do.

afghan beggar with baby
afghan beggar with baby
Flickr-User: sarwar_mushtaq

The temperature in Afghanistan can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, so it is particularly cruel that the men in Afghanistan force women to cover themselves in such oppressive garb. When you hear Afghan men saying their women are hot, they don't mean Alicia Machado hot.

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