Depression Dogs and Death

mayor kills self and daughter

Dallas area mayor Jayne Peters, 55, killed herself and her 19-year-old daughter Corinne yesterday leaving a note saying the two were grieving over the death in 2008 of their husband and father from cancer (1).

The note also left instructions on how to care for the family's two dogs and four cats. This last part is the reason for the murder and suicide.

Let me explain. Her husband's death left the two in deep financial trouble, but the widow kept on feeding and caring for the 6 pets even running up a bill of more than $4,000 on a city-issued credit card for pet supplies.

I know some of my readers will say that having a pet may help people with depression. My own opinion is that pets may help ameliorate depression but only if their owners have enough money to care and feed them. Pet owners who are poor will find that keeping a pet will only lead to more financial problems and nothing causes depressed people to get more depressed than money problems.

The Poor Should Not Have Pets

Unless you have money to burn, please don't keep a pet. Nothing bothers me more than to see people who obviously live on assistance buying dog or cat food. I don't care if you are poor and waste your money, just don't be on welfare and waste my money.

If you look at the photo above of the mother and daughter you can quickly see that this murder-suicide was completely unnecessary. They were both attractive enough they could have paid their bills by doing a little hooking on the side.

For those readers who may object that prostitution is a sin, let me remind you that no less an authority than Thomas Aquinas noted that the state should allow fornication and prostitution to exist for the sake of the common good. Consider the following quotation from Augustine's De ordine: "Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred ... If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust." That's what I like, a practical Christian.

For my Jewish readers who note that Old Testament prohibits consorting with whores, this applies to men, not women. But tell me the truth, my religious readers, which is the greater sin, prostitution or murder-suicide?

God is Stingy With Our Anatomy

liberal with head up his assIf I were God, I would have made two entirely different orifices: one for making babies, and the other for venereal pleasure. But it seems the God of the Universe, if he exists, is extremely stingy with body parts; for example, the same orifice for ingesting food also contains vocal cords for speech. The same orifice that supplies oxygen to our lungs also supplies us with the ability to smell. The same orifice that expels fecal matter also allows liberals to stick their heads into it in order to hide from the truth.



CBS News, 17 Jul 2010, Texas Murder-Suicide: A "Desperate Soul"

A Dallas area mayor who authorities believe killed herself and her daughter left a note saying the two were still grieving over the 2008 death of their husband and father from cancer, police said Friday.

"My sweet, sweet Corinne had grown completely inconsolable. She had learned to hide her feelings from her friends. But the two of us were lost, alone and afraid. Corinne just kept on asking, 'Why won't God let me die?' We hadn't slept at all and neither one of us could stop crying when we were together," read a typed note that police found in the kitchen.

The note, which also gave instructions on how to care for the family's two dogs and four cats, was among four that police found Tuesday when they discovered the bodies of Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters, 55, and her 19-year-old daughter, Corinne.

Both women had been shot in the head. The Dallas County Medical Examiners Office has ruled the elder Peters' death a suicide and the daughter's death a homicide.

Police arrived at the home after the usually prompt mayor failed to show up for a city meeting. They found an envelope taped to the door containing a house key and typed note that said: "To our first responders, Here is the key for the front door. I am so very sorry for what you're about to discover. Please forgive me. Jayne."

Another typed note left in the kitchen listed contact numbers of family members. It also said, "Please, please, please, no funeral, no memorial - just cremate us both." A handwritten note on the door of the bathroom where the mayor's body was found was signed by her and said not to resuscitate.

Along with her grief, recent evidence also revealed that the mayor had financial troubles.


City Manager Clay Phillips said he had been asking the mayor since November about at least $4,000 in questionable charges on her city-issued credit card. Phillips said there appeared to be personal charges for items such as clothing and pet supplies.

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