Black on Asian Crimes

A reader of my article Blacks are more Racist than Whites who calls herself Ann Okafor left a comment yesterday with the following complaint: "Blacks hate Asians? Well, as a black woman, this is NEWS to me."

Well, Ann, it was my pleasure educating you. If there are any other Black readers who do not know that Blacks hate Asians then please permit me to quote some news articles on the matter.

But first, let's all understand that criminals come in all colors and nationalities. Blacks do not have a genetic disposition toward violence and murder; However, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a class of Black youths who harbor a most murderous rage toward Jews, Asians, and anyone else who they feel exploits them.

So when a white man fires a black youth for stealing liquor, I am not shocked, amazed, surprised, astonished or astounded to read that the youth then goes on to brutally gun down 8 co-workers because he had the mis-perception that he was being persecuted because he was Black.

Sure, yeah, there are white men who brutally rape women - but when we consider the cases where a Black youth rapes a Black girl there is only a mild beating involved. However if the victim is white or Asian or Jewish, the beating turns so savage it's almost impossible to read about it without crying. It becomes obvious that it is not just a rape, horrible as that might be, but that there is an element of inhumane rage involved. As if the victim were being made to pay for centuries of slavery and abuse. Read this:

Tampa Bay News, Prayers abound for Hillsborough rape victim and family

A day after a Vietnamese immigrant mother spoke out about her 18-year-old daughter's brutal attack outside the Bloomingdale Regional Public Library, people opened their hearts and sought ways to help.

The girl's family had shunned attention since the April 24 rape and beating, so few knew that she had been blinded and brain-damaged, unable to talk, swallow or walk, or that her mother rarely left the girl's side.

The article, typical of many newspapers, did not see the need to mention the name of the perpetrator, a 16-year-old high school student Kendrick Morris who beat the tiny 18-year-old rape victim senseless and choked her to near death causing brain damage.

So Ann, the reason that it might be news to you that Blacks hate Asians, is that the press in America seems to be afraid to announce, publish or broadcast all the facts in a crime. Read the whole news report above and you will not see a photo of the beast who did this unless you go out of your way to search for it elsewhere. Try to guess his race:

lowlife animal Kendrick Morris

So here's how to tell if an Asian woman has been raped by a Black man. If she can walk away on her own power from the rape, then it is unlikely that she was raped by a Black. On the other hand, if the rape is so vicious, so brutal, so savage that the victim is in a coma, I will bet you lunch that the perpetrator is Black. So, Ann, if you want a free lunch, go google "Asian girl raped, coma" and if the perpetrator is not Black you get a free lunch from me.

If you want to say this proves nothing about an epidemic of Blacks hating Asians, then read this:, Will Black on Asian hate crime violence stop at South Philly High?

The principal of South Philadelphia High School has announced steps to address safety concerns at the school. The announcement comes in response to recent attacks on Asian-American students. Those students say African-American students have been targeting them because of their race. As many as 50 Asian-American students have boycotted class this week. They claimed the school district is not taking this problem seriously.

If you are wondering why Blacks would hate Asians, a people who historically have done them no wrong in this country, one motive is that Asians are high achievers and make black students look more stupid than they are. This is why many of the attacks against Asians are in fact Black students against Asian students.

Council of Conservative Citizens, Racially motivated black on Asian violent crime is growing.

Recent stories out of both Philadelphia and San Francisco tell of black students beating up Asian-American students. This is especially painful for those who expected that the election of Barack Obama would mark the beginning of a post-racial America.

While Obama’s winning the majority of the votes in overwhelmingly white states suggests that many Americans are ready to move beyond race, it is painfully clear that others are not.


Resentments and hostility toward people with higher achievements are one of the most widespread of human failings. Resentments of achievements are more deadly than envy of wealth.

Actually, there are many times more attacks against Asians than are reported because police and community groups are afraid of starting race riots.

Hyphen Magazine, Is Recent "Black on Asian" Violence a Hate Crime?

Some Asian Americans contend further that they are targeted specifically because they are Asian ... and that these attacks border on, or are clearly in the realm of, hate crimes. They claim that the police and some community groups are downplaying blatant racism in an attempt to prevent racial tensions from flaring up.

Even when Chinese demonstrate to protest attacks against them, they refuse to publicly name Blacks as the culprits, but do so privately to reporters:

The New York Times, Attacks on Asians Highlight New Racial Tensions

chinese protest black on asian violenceThe Chinese who had gathered at San Francisco’s City Hall — several hundred of them, chanting and waving bilingual placards under a persistent drizzle — were mad. Their words and signs said they felt under attack, vulnerable, unheard by the police, city officials and even their own community leaders.

Their grievances included these in March: An 83-year old Chinese man beaten to death by five boys on a Bayview street and a 57-year-old woman injured after being thrown off a Third Street Muni platform. On April 16, two teenagers in Oakland assaulted Tian Sheng Yu, a 59-year-old Chinese immigrant, in broad daylight. A punch knocked him to the ground; the fall killed him.

Tammy Tan, the executive director of the Asian Pacific American Community Center, watched as Chinese leaders took up the megaphone to vent their fury in lilting Cantonese tones.

But something hung in midair, unspoken.

“We recommend our staff not to say it,” Ms. Tan said, looking over the crowd. “We don’t want to escalate with African-Americans, so we don’t say it.” Then she turned and faced a reporter. “But it is racial,” she said. “That’s fact.”

It has been years since race relations in the Bay Area, where diversity and tolerance are pillars of the civic religion, have taken such a sharp turn for the worse.

The recent spate of highly publicized attacks on elderly Asians by black teenagers has abruptly enhanced a longstanding perception among Asians that they are disproportionately targets of racially motivated violence.

I suppose, Ann, that these reports are all news to you as well?

I could go on for hours, but either you believe what I write or you remain blind. I get no pleasure reporting these things. I do so only to point out that the violence we see in young blacks is the fault of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other Black leaders who blame whites for Black poverty and misery. Young Blacks listen to this nonsense for years until they finally believe it. Then the only way to get what's theirs, is to take it from the white oppressor. And when they take it back, there is rage attached.

It is time to stop blaming whitey for all the troubles of Black America. While I completely agree that racism half a century ago kept Blacks poor, that is no longer true. What holds back Blacks today is Black racism.

Don't argue with me. Bring it to your Black Demagogues.

### End of my article ###

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