Wearing a Burqa is Mandatory not Voluntary

One of the great hoaxes or myths perpetrated by Muslim women is that they love wearing the hijab or burqa; that they cover their body and face of their own free will; that Islam does not compel women to cover themselves so thoroughly.

But if there is no religious compulsion, if it is just a matter of personal taste, then it should be no great hardship to forgo wearing a hijab or burqa when the laws of the country ban it or the rules of the job forbid it.

Consider the following complaint from Muslims of Indonesia:

Jakarta Globe,
MUI Declares European Burqa Bans a Rights Issue

France and Belgium would be guilty of abusing women’s rights if they followed through on plans to ban the wearing of burqas in public, Indonesia’s top Islamic body said on Thursday.

The Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) said religious beliefs should be respected, even if they presented security concerns by covering the face.

“We’re clearly against the proposed ban. If it becomes law, it will mean Belgium and France are restricting the rights of Muslim women to fulfil their religious obligations,” MUI chairman Amidhan said. “If it’s for security reasons, the fears are excessive. It’s unfair to consider all veiled women a threat.”

That's an interesting concept: "restricting the rights of Muslim women to fulfill their religious obligations." This is how it works, Ahmed: in America you have the right to free speech but you are not obligated to exercise it. In America you have the right to own a gun but not the obligation to go out and buy one.

If Muslim women have the right, according to Muslims, to choose to wear or not wear the hijab, then it cannot be a religious obligation. If they must wear a hijab to fulfill their religious obligations, then they do not have the right to refuse to wear it. It is so obvious that wearing the hijab is not a personal choice. Sure there are clueless American women who converted to Islam and sport a hijab, but they might as well be blacks wearing slave-chains without realizing the significance of the symbol of their past oppression.

But these recent converts live in America where no one will stone them for walking dressed in normal clothes. No one will honor-kill them or mutilate them or burn their face with acid. But if the purpose in wearing it is avoid attracting attention to themselves then it is counter-productive because nothing is more offensive or more attention-whoring, then wearing a tent on a nice summer day. I mention offensive, because it is worn precisely for the same arrogant reason that Muslims want to build a "community center:" Muslim Supremacy - their way of life is better than ours.

Go ahead, Ahmed, tell me it's not Muslim Supremacy. How else can I interpret Muslim demands that "religious beliefs should be respected, even if they presented security concerns by covering the face."

That's right, Muslims must be accommodated even if that means we kaffirs must be unsafe.

See that Muslim face above? That could be the nice Muslim woman in hijab helping you try on a bra in Macy's Department Store. Don't want to put your trust in someone whose face you cannot see? Then you are a racist. Or you could just click on the photo to see who is really helping you in the dressing room.

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