Allowing Mosques in the US will Reduce Terrorism

mosque dearborn michigan
Islamic Center of America - Dearborn, Michigan
Photo Credit: Wiki

In response to my article Let Them Build that Mosque at Ground Zero, a reader from Calgary, Alberta who calls himself by the descriptive 'u effing idiot,' had this to say:

go burn in hell u have no idea what islam is shitty ass hole by saying this you just gave the terrorists another reason to strike good job congrats!!! btw terrorists do not = islam just like nazzi do not = germany. U idot by building the mosque we are saying go aheah terrorists do what u want but ur message is going to deaf ears because hatred will not occur between islam and the world so ur fight is useless.

A small digression: I ask my readers not to criticize the grammar or spelling; a good percentage of my readers are not from America [see map], so do not discourage them from leaving comments.

But back to our reader: allow me to call you Ahmed, instead of 'u effing idiot,' otherwise you will not be able to tell whether I am addressing you or describing you.

So let me understand, Ahmed: if we allow one mosque near Ground Zero, that will send a strong message to terrorists that they should not war against America? Then perhaps they didn't get the memo: there are thousands and thousands of Mosques in America, almost a thousand alone in Google maps for mosques near Manhattan, New York, NY.

Despite all these mosques, some of them quite large (see photo above - built in 2005 - Dearborn, Michigan), we are still catching huge numbers of Muslims killing or attempting to kill Americans on our own soil. So I do not see how letting them build one mosque anywhere will quell their hatred for our country. They didn't stop attacking us after a hundred mosques, or a thousand mosques or even ten thousand mosques. So what is the number for them to get the message, a million mosques? Will that do it? Or do we also have to destroy every synagogue and church as well?

Yeah, I get it - let them build a mosque near Ground Zero and everything will be hunky-dory. And the check is in the mail, right?

You really don't know what you are talking about, do you Ahmed? Or should I describe you as 'u effing idiot?"

Is it my imagination or is the Dearborn mosque leaning to the left? No wonder liberals love Islam.

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