What Muslims Mean By Israeli War Crimes

It never fails. Muslims who defend Palestinians ignore the barbarities of Hamas and Hezbollah upon their own people, deaths far in excess of anything Israel has ever done and call every single thing Israelis do, no matter how benign, a war crime. In response to my article Muslim Humor - Muslim Jokes, a reader from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia left this comment: "watch this film about israeli war crimes by former israeli soldiers here:"

At the 4:10- mark we hear one of the reasons why some of these soldiers are refusing to serve in the occupied territories: Amit Mashiah, Staff Sergeant Artillery, tells the interviewer that an old Palestinian lady ran up to him and spat in his face. In return he did a terrible thing: he shoved her, shoved her hard (4:46 ).

What a horrible war crime, the Staff Sergeant shoved an old woman! Will Israeli atrocities never cease?!

As of today, there are 550 refuseniks out of a fighting force of more than 630 thousand (187,000 Active, 445,000 reserve) personnel. Since the average punishment is about 30 days in a military prison and less than a quarter go to jail anyway, there is hardly any real disincentive in being a refusenik. This means that more than 99.9% of Israeli soldiers do not have a problem with serving and do not view the IDF as doing anything wrong.

I bet that if you asked 630,000 soldiers in any army of any country in the world if Jews from the planet Uranus were in fact controlling the Earth through interplanetary telekinesis, you could easily round up 550 morons who would believe that to be true.

So 550 Israeli soldiers think Israel is wrong in her actions in Gaza and the West Bank? This is your proof Ahmed, of War Crimes?

From their testimony I have gleaned the following: Some of the 550 are anti-settler and do not want to risk their lives defending territory that they believe their pusillanimous government will eventually abandon to the Palestinians. Some of the 550 believe that fighting the Palestinians only fuels extremists. Some of the 550 are simply pacifists and some of the 550 are just outright cowards who use the lenient punishment in Israel for cowards as a way out of serving in the military.

I am starting a new category today: Palestinian Dictionary

Post-Nazi cartoonist Pat Oliphant
Post-Nazi cartoonist Pat Oliphant
Photo Credit: Sultan Knish

war crime
Function: noun
Date: 1948
: a crime (as shoving old women, handcuffing prisoners, chasing away children) committed by Jews during or in connection with occupation of Palestinian lands.

— war criminal noun: any Jew in general; any Zionist in particular.

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