Muslim Atrocities Are Not Done By Muslim Extremists

The Mythical Moderate Muslim cartoon

In my article Mother was right but she never said anything about Muslims I wrote that most Americans believe our enemy is Islamic Fundamentalism when in fact what these poor shlubs do not realize is that all Islam is fundamentalist.

In response to that article, reader Sariah (from Texas) wrote: "Do you ever check under your bed at night for Islamofascists?"

From this we see that Sariah is insinuating:

  1. That Islamofascists, like goblins, do not really exist.

  2. Or, if they do exist, that my fear of them is childish and unwarranted.

  3. and that I confuse all Muslims as being extremists.

Well, Sariah, let me educate you:

  1. Islamofascists, unlike goblins, really do exist.

  2. and besides, I am not afraid of Islamofascists, I fear moderate Muslims.

  3. I know that most Muslims are not extremists. Read The Myth that not all Muslims are Terrorists.

So please Sariah, and other fellow Muslims, stop telling me that all Muslims are not terrorists - I don't care that most Muslims are not terrorists. Want to know why? Because moderate Muslims and extremist Muslims believe in the same Islam (1).

Consider the following atrocities by Muslims who are not members of al Qaeda or any other terrorist group.

In Texas in 2008, Yasser Said brutally murdered his daughters, teen sisters Amina and Sarah Said, 18 and 17, because they had boyfriends. Amina had been shot twice - she died almost instantly from a shattered spinal cord. Sarah had been shot 9 times yet still managed to place a 911 call telling the police dispatcher that she had been shot by her own father. Yasser Said, an Egyptian born Muslim, was not a member of the notorious Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, or of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, or of the Muslim Brotherhood, or of any other Egyptian terror group. No, Said was just an ordinary moderate devout Muslim.

In Arizona in 2009, Faleh Almaleki ran over his daughter Noor Almaleki, 20, and her boyfriend's mother in a parking lot because he was upset that his daughter rejected a husband she married in Iraq and moved in with an American. Faleh Almaleki, an Iraqi immigrant, was not a member of the notorious Al-Qaeda in Iraq, or of Salafiah al-Mujahidiah, or of any other Iraqi terror group. No, Almaleki was just an ordinary moderate devout Muslim.

In Georgia in 2008, Chaudhry Rashid strangled his daughter Sandeela Kanwal, 25, for wanting to leave an arranged marriage. Chaudhry Rashid, of Pakistani descent, was not a member of the notorious Lashkar-e-Omar, or of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, or of Jamaat-ul-Fuqra or of any other Pakistani terror group. No, Rashid was just an ordinary moderate devout Muslim.

In 2009, Nidal Malik Hasan, who was born in this country, murdered 13 people and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood. Hasan spent 39 years in America, living in our society and culture yet absorbing none of it. Hasan, of Palestinian descent, had no co-conspirators nor was part of a broader terrorist plot. No, Hasan was just an ordinary moderate devout Muslim.

In 2009, four Muslim men from Newburgh, New York were arrested for planning bomb and missile attacks in New York to punish America for killing Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan. One, of Afghan descent, was Muslim-born while the other three converted to Islam while in prison. Simply by converting to Islam, Americans who have lived their entire lives in this country, even without the influence of the toxic teachings of the Qur'an all their lives, suddenly within a year or two become enemies of our country. None were members of al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other terror group. No, they were just ordinary moderate devout Muslims.

In 2009 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a 23-year-old man upset about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan opened fire from his truck at two soldiers standing outside a military recruiting station killing one private and wounding another. Muhammad, previously known as Carlos Bledsoe, converted to Islam as a teenager. Even though he spent his entire life among us, it only took a few years as a Muslim for Muhammad to become an enemy of our country. Muhammed was not a member of any terror group. No, he was just an ordinary moderate Muslim.

Homegrown Animals

These last converts mentioned are not people who were brainwashed overseas by terror groups. These are not people who spent their entire lives growing up in the poor, miserable slums of Dhaka City in Bangladesh and who felt exploited by America. These savage animals grew up in America and felt more allegiance and love for complete strangers in another land than for their own countrymen who they grew up with. These rabid dogs were willing to die for a country they never set foot in than for the land of their birth.

What sinister, barbaric, malignant and evil ideology could possibly have hardened their hearts against their own country which did them no harm?

You know the answer.



What Do You Believe?, What is “Real Islam”?

Mohamed Ibn Guadi, Islamologist at Strasbourg University, researcher in Semitic Philology, Director of the Islamology Program at the French Center of Middle East Studies (AFEMO):

“Osama Bin Laden is a good Muslim. … Radical Islam is not an ex nihilo creation. The so-called “radical Muslims” draw their sources in 14 centuries of Islamic history as well as hadiths and Muhammad the Prophet’s life that must be an example for Muslims. The Jihad is theologically correct.”

### End of my article ###

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