Muslims Persecuting Christians As Usual

I just received this frightening email from a Christian reader from the Middle East:

Dear Bernie,

The state of Christians across the Middle East is deteriorating and for many Christians this Christmas is a time of fear and ..."

And there it ends. Take a quick tour of the CIA's The World Factbook to see that countries that were once predominantly Christian are now approaching 99 and 100 percent Muslim. How is that possible? How can anything involving free expression and choice of religion ever approach 100%? Muslims will say it is because everyone is finding out that Islam is the true religion. Yes, we all believe that.

There has been a Christian presence in the Middle East for 2,000 years. That presence is coming to an end as the Christians are being killed, subjugated and converted to Islam in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, the West Bank, and The Jordan.

As for Saudi Arabia, it has no Christians left to be killed, subjugated or converted. It's the ultimate and logical conclusion of Islam.

Ironically, the only place in the Middle East where there is no Christian persecution and that has more Christians now than 50 years ago is the so-called 'apartheid' State of Israel. Who would have guessed?

Source: Christians of the Middle East: Country-By-Country Facts.

It should be mentioned that Christians are persecuted in every single Muslim-majority country, not just those in the Middle East. Read my article Who Should Fund the Ground Zero Mosque.

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