Muslims Show Sweden Value of Tolerance

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Photo Credit: SvD

I have written hundreds of articles (1) stating that the danger is not Muslim extremists but moderate Muslims. Before he blew himself up on a central Stockholm street he was just another Muslim that Swedes call a moderate Muslim. He did not belong to a terror group but as happens with many Muslims, Abdul suddenly went jihad.

The story excellently translated from the Swedish is available at Gates of Vienna:

Christmas Jihad in Stockholm

Sweden has just experienced its first suicide bombing, a Christmas present from the Great Jihad to Stockholm city center. There were at least two explosions, and one man was killed.

Our Swedish correspondent Reinhard has compiled a report on this breaking news story, based on translations from Swedish-language media. He says:

This is the first time anyone has blown himself up in Sweden, ever. To think that this is a completely random act is just silly. And now we have a jihadist e-mail, sent ten minutes before this completely unique explosion

If Muslims would only stay in their own countries they wouldn't get so upset and angry. But the ugly fact is that Islam and civilized society are incompatible. Devout Muslims cannot stand western civilization and it is only a matter of time and opportunity before they literally explode.

Freedom of speech means that there will always be insults to Islam, which is why Muslims want Europe to ban all criticism of religion, specifically Islam. The only way Europe and American can accommodate Muslims is to totally embrace Islam. Sadly, Sweden now sees the result of their tolerance of an evil ideology. I have predicted for a long time that western countries will one day be forced to do the unthinkable: deport all Muslims. It's only matter of time.

YouTube, Sweden: Christmas Terror Attack - Car Bomb - stockhom


(1): Muslim Atrocities Are Not Done By Muslim Extremists

Writing is also a bomb: The Moderate Muslim Threat

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