Wikileaks Exposes Lie That Iraq War was About Oil

How disappointing it must be to liberals not to find anything damaging to America among the hundreds of thousands of documents released into the wild by the world's most megalomaniacal anarchist, Julian Assange.

In my previous article we discussed how The Iraq War Logs revealed that the oft-repeated leftist lie that One Million Iraqis were Murdered in the Iraq War was exactly that, a leftist lie ten times over.

In this article we will see how the leftist accusation that the Iraq War was all about oil is easily disproved, not by what is revealed in the documents, but by what is missing.

One of the techniques used by the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes to unravel a criminal mystery is to notice not only the clues left behind, but by taking note of what is missing.

And what is disturbingly missing among the 391,832 United States Army field reports (and any of the diplomatic leaked documents) is any mention of oil as a reason for being in Iraq.

I have written numerous articles ridiculing the notion that we are in Iraq for her oil: that it doesn't make sense because Iraq is hardly the only country with oil, that no one country can control the price of oil anyway, and that if Iraq had chickens instead of oil, Liberals would have been insisting that we are fighting in Iraq solely to make money for George Bush's friends at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

And so here we are staring at a big ugly hole in a huge pile of documents where there should be at least one instruction to some general to secure the OIL, to make sure the OIL is put into our control, to make sure someone knows that we are there for the OIL.

There is no frabjous day, there is no chortling among the leftists for there is not a single word in the millions of pages written in secret about oil having anything whatsoever to do with why we are in Iraq.

Next thing we'll be hearing from the leftists is that we are in Afghanistan for their gold.

I do not want to leave out mention that Muslims also repeat the lie that the Iraq War is all about oil. While Liberals sing that song because they hate this country, Muslims do so because they would prefer to think that infidels want only to steal the few pitiful things they own rather than face the ugly fact that America is there for the most noble of reasons.

This article available in Danish here.

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