Gold is Not Afraid of the Riots in Egypt

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Oil rich Arabs like to buy gold when things get dicey in the world. For the year 1978, one year before the Iran hostage crisis, the price of gold averaged $193.22 per ounce. Because Jimmy Carter was perceived as an idiot and allowed the Iranians to hold our people hostage, the price of gold averaged $455.08 an ounce in December of 1979 pushing the average for the year to $306.68 an ounce.

For the rest of 1980 gold averaged $612.56 an ounce until Ronald Reagan assumed office and the rest of the Muslim world realized that here was a cowboy who knew how to run the most powerful country in the world; the Iranians quickly released the hostages (without a shot being fired), and the price of gold consequently dropped in his first year in office to an average of $460.03 per ounce. By his fifth year in office the average was down to $317.26 an ounce.

Likewise, when the riots first started in Tunisia last month, we saw gold rise from $1363.00 an ounce the day before the uprising to as high as $1420 an ounce until it looked like the ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali would restore peace to that country. It has settled down to $1332 an ounce for today, a little lower than it was a month before Mohammed Bouazizi turned himself into a cigarette lighter.

I have been asked why I haven't written anything about the riots now going on in the Arab world. The truth is I can't take it seriously until Arab money starts buying gold in fear that Egypt ( and then others) will fall.

In Saudi Arabia, gold Friday hit its lowest level since the Tunisian riots to 4,931.32 riyals an ounce.

If gold hits $1450.00 an ounce or higher, then we can really start worrying about Egypt.

If you see it hit $2,000.00 an ounce, then you know that Saudi Princes are heading for safe havens outside of Saudi Arabia.

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