Muslims in UK Prisons

In more than a few dozen articles I have reported on the over-representation of Muslims in European prisons. Muslims and their apologists cannot dispute the truth so instead they play fast and loose with the facts. Let me give you an example.

In the comment section of my article Muslim Cruises and Islamic Travel, reader elisheba wrote: "Christians remain the best represented group behind bars, with 41,839 worshippers."

In that statistic there is a truth and there is a lie.

First, let's examine the truth. According to the House of Commons report of 22 Dec 2010: Prison population statistics [PDF], "The prison population in England and Wales, including those held in police cells, was at a record high of 85,494 prisoners on 1 October 2010."

Here is the breakdown from that report (page 10):

graph The prison population in England and Wales

Muslims with math skills will notice that 48.8% times 85,494 equals 41,721 Christian inmates and close enough to reader elisheba's statistic of 41,839 Christian prisoners to admit that, yes, there are that many Christians in UK prisons.

However, while it is true that the largest number of prisoners in UK prisons are Christian, it is a lie that they are the best represented. According to the last census taken in the UK (1), Christians in the UK represented 71% of the population. So in truth, Christians are under-represented in UK prisons.

Now let us look at the truly best represented in UK prisons. According to the population chart below, Muslim represent about 2.8% of the population and according to the chart above, 11.9% of the prison population. So if one were to speak the truth about the best represented, then the truth is that Muslims are over-represented in UK prisons by a factor of 4.25.

By the way, not only are Muslims over-represented in UK prisons, but they are by far the most violent, see my article How Many Muslims are there in Prisons? where I noted that almost 33% of the prisoners in a high-security prison in the UK are Muslims, ten times their 3% representation among the general population.

Of course we will hear that this over-representation is because of some British Christian prejudice against non-Christians. But, a simple glance at the prison chart shows 0.3% of the prison population is Jewish while the population chart below shows Jews are 0.5% of the population. Jews are under-represented in UK prisons.

But that is the way it is in all countries of the civilized world. Jews are hardly ever in prison and Muslims mostly are. What does that say about the followers of those two religions?



UK Govt - National Statistics Online, Religious Populations

UK population by religion - chart

Christianity is the main religion in Great Britain. There were 41 million Christians in 2001, making up almost three quarters of the population (72 per cent). This group included the Church of England, Church of Scotland, Church in Wales, Catholic, Protestant and all other Christian denominations.


Muslims were the largest religious group after Christians. There were 1.6 million Muslims living in Britain in 2001. This group comprised 3 per cent of the total population and over half (52 per cent) of the non-Christian religious population.

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