Swiss People’s Party suggesting that Switzerland is at risk of Islamization
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In the past few weeks I noticed a sudden spike in page views (more than a few hundred a day) for an old article of mine [who is Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez and who cares?] published in February of 2006 in which I investigated the provenance of an email circulating at that time in the blogosphere.

Many bloggers reprinted the email with an introduction stating that the material was "a translation of an article from a Spanish newspaper written by a Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez."

It turns out that the article never appeared in any Spanish newspaper but rather in an anti-Communist Spanish language website Gentiuno [11 Nov 2004] and that the author's name is actually spelled Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez, a nom de plume for an author unwilling to reveal himself.

That should have put the matter to rest, however the email is circulating anew in which the name is again misspelled but with these two changes:

  1. The alleged date of publication in the mythical Spanish newspaper is listed as 15 January 2008.

  2. The original text was changed from "They have turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime" to "They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime."

As proof that Europe made a terrible mistake killing six million creative and inventive Jews and replacing them with 20 million worthless Muslims, the email also includes a list of 7 supposed Muslim Nobel Prize winners against a list of 129 Jewish Nobel Laureates. This Nobel Prize comparison is both old and inaccurate and which I corrected in my March 2006 article Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes: three of the Muslims laureates mentioned are not actually Muslim. As for the number of Jews who won Nobel Prizes the actual number is 171 (not counting Peace Prize winners).

Here are just a few websites carrying this new version of ALL EUROPEAN LIFE DIED IN AUSCHWITZ:

If Google is accurate, there are more than 10,000 entries with this new version of the email.

If you are wondering why I am concerned with the inaccuracies of date and name and not with the substance of the email, it is because the email is not wrong as to substance: Europe has indeed made a terrrible, tragic mistake allowing Muslims to live there.

The last time Muslims were in Europe, they enslaved the people they conquered.

### End of my article ###

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