A Jew Kills An Arab Kills - What is the Difference

Some of my readers may have read on other blogs about the brutal murder of the Fogel family last Friday in the town of Itamar, north of Jerusalem, by two Arab terrorists (1). The Palestinians slayed the family in their house while they were sleeping: Rabbi Udi Fogel (36), his wife Ruth (34), 11-year-old Yoav, four-year-old Elad and three-month-old Hadas.

The Israeli government, with full permission of the remaining family, released photos on Saturday night - but WARNING: THEY ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

Photo 1 - Son Elad, age 4, while in bed sleeping was stabbed through the heart and his throat was slit. Click here.

Photo 2 - Son Yoav, age 11, while in bed was stabbed through the heart and his throat was slit. Click here.

Photo 3 - Udi and three-month-old daughter Hadas, throats slit as they lay in bed. Click here.

All Photos Credit IsraelNationalNews.com.

Within hours of the release of the photos, the social activism website My Israel posted a short video (2) of the photographs on YouTube along with the names and ages of the victims.

Within two hours YouTube removed the video. Most likely a single Muslim complained. Yet fabrications against Israel are kept up for years. I am not advocating that Youtube take down anti-Jewish videos - I am just noting the following facts which in general are true about YouTube:

  • Lies about Israel - keeps them up long time.

  • Truth about Muslims - takes them down quick time.

I know I'll get comments from Muslims and their apologists that Jews also murder innocent civilians, for example Rachel Corrie. Now I ask you, isn't there a difference between the accidental death of a person who purposely put herself in harm's way in a war zone, in front of dangerous construction equipment and the purposeful, barbaric, savage killing of a sleeping family butchered like animals?

But aren't Muslim babies killed by the Israeli Army all the time? Yes, it is true, but they are not the intended targets and anyone who thinks there is no difference between unintended deaths and targeted killings is a psychopath.

Then there is the argument that there are ten times as many Palestinian children killed as there are Israeli children killed. I will agree that this is no accident. There are way more Palestinian children killed than Israeli children. But the true murderers are the Palestinians themselves. Here is why:

  1. Palestinians choose to fire rockets from schools or near hospitals or civilian homes so that any retaliation by Israelis is sure to mutilate or kill as many children as possible for use as 'atrocity' propaganda against Israel.

  2. The Israeli army, in order to avoid killing of innocents, makes phone-calls and drops leaflets warning the residents that Palestinian militias are using the areas to fire rockets and to please leave the area so that Israel can defend herself.

  3. Palestinian fighters, in order to make sure there are civilian casualties, will force the fleeing residents back to the buildings. No dead civilians, no propaganda.

  4. If there are no residents in a building or area they are firing from, they will truck them in and force them into the buildings.

  5. Since the Israeli Defense Forces are real good at avoiding civilian casualties (3), there are times when there are not enough bodies and so the Palestinians will bring in dead babies they have kept in freezers for the occasion (4).

When Jews kill, it is in self-defense. They only shoot back at those who have attacked them; sadly, those people hold up babies as shields.

When a Palestinian Arab kills, he slits the throats of sleeping babies.

So Ahmed, is there a difference there?



Caroline Glick, Three Jewish Children

fogel family slaughtered by PalestiniansRuth Fogel was in the bathroom when the Palestinian terrorists pounced on her husband Udi and their three-month-old daughter Hadas, slitting their throats as they lay in bed on Friday night in their home in Itamar.

The terrorists stabbed Ruth to death as she came out of the bathroom. With both parents and the newborn dead, they moved on to the other children, going into a bedroom where Ruth and Udi's sons Yoav (11) and Elad (4) were sleeping. They stabbed them through their hearts and slit their throats.

The murderers apparently missed another bedroom where the Fogels' other sons, eight-year-old Ro'i and two-year-old Yishai were asleep because they left them alive. The boys were found by their big sister, 12-year-old Tamar, when she returned home from a friend's house two hours after her family was massacred.


My Israel, Massacre of the Israeli Fogel family by a Palestinian terrorist – Names and Faces

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Planck's Constant, Hezbollah held children until they could be blown up

The Israeli Air Force carried out 60 air strikes overnight on Hezbollah locations and structures. The targets struck included 37 Hezbollah warehouses and locations, roads, bridges and cars, with just a few civilians killed. Even after 18 days of thousands of Israeli bombs dropped barely more than 421 Lebanese have been killed.


Planck's Constant, Why Israelis will win against Hezbollah

The AP wire story begins: "Abu Shadi Jradi pulled bodies out of wreckage for hours - two toddler girls wearing tiny gold earrings, a small boy whose pale blue pacifier still hung from his neck [sic]. Somewhere in the middle, Jradi slumped beneath a tree and wept." Since we have a picture of this man pulling the small boy out, it is quite clear that Mr. Jradi is the "Man with the Green Helmet."


"Abu Shadi, the mortician at the government hospital in the city... was standing in front of a refrigeration truck that was packed with 20 bodies.."


Based on these descriptions, it seems highly likely that Abu Shadi the mortician and Abu Shadi the green-helmeted "civil defense worker" are one and the same. And, in the double role, Abu Shadi was among the first to arrive, before the media did, with his refrigerated truck that in recent days had been carrying around corpses.

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