An Idiot in the White House Can be Good for Two Reasons

obama: incompetent, socialist imbecile

I have written a number of articles (1) explaining why I voted for an incompetent, socialist imbecile who has no clue how the American economy really works: I wanted to make money on the inevitable spike in the price of gold.

I believe Obama will devastate the economy and make gold soar. I am not concerned that in foreign policy he may make decisions (or not make them) that could overly endanger our national security because thankfully he is equally clueless and incompetent in that area as well.

I let David over at his blog The Unreligious Right explain: Obama's inaction in regard to Libya is a positive thing:

There's a mixed blessing in having a president as utterly clueless about foreign policy as Barack Obama. His instincts toward appeasement, empty talk and wishful thinking can be bad when strong decisive leadership is needed, but those same failings also make him reluctant to step into a foreign policy mess. Dithering and hesitancy can be a good thing when the action under consideration is a bad idea.

So while his incompetence in domestic affairs helped fuel the rise in gold prices these past two years and is reason number one why an idiot in the White House is a good thing (at least for me), Obama's inability to act decisively in North Africa helped push gold to $1440 an ounce today and is reason number two why an idiot in the White House is a good thing.

The price of gold nearly doubled since his election and made me a lot of money. Some people would call it luck but I say that voting for a Democrat is a such a sure formula for ruining our economy that luck has nothing to do with it. I almost feel guilty that voting for an idiot is just too easy a way to make money.

Some of you may complain that I am profiting from the misery Obama is causing others and that it appears to be a selfish act. I would like to point out that in my article Why I`m a Gold Bug of January 2008, I shared my financial knowledge with my readers and urged them to put at least 10% of their assets in gold. Those who followed my exhortation would have seen their gold portfolio rise by 66% in the three years since then. I'm not selfish - I shared.

But a 66% increase is nothing compared to what gold will be worth once ObamaCare gets into full swing.

It never fails that whenever I criticize President Obama I get accused of racism, that somehow I am dissatisfied with his performance simply or solely because he is black. Let me repeat what I wrote above: I specifically voted for Obama because he is a collectivist imbecile and I knew full well that his policies would ruin our economy. I did not vote for him because he was black just so I could write racist articles about him. That does not make sense.

I would have voted for any collectivist imbecile regardless of color and my articles about that person would be exactly, precisely, word for word the same as I wrote above except for a change in name. So please spare me the worthless epithets about racism; read my words carefully, and don't inject the standard Liberal sub-text, racist, intolerant bullcrap you people sling when you can't counter with reason and intelligence.



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