It is Not Culture It is Islam

I have to warn my readers that the following video is so cruel and barbaric I could not watch past the 40 second mark. Radio Netherlands Worldwide released the video last December but I was so disturbed that I could not bring myself to write about it at the time.

It was put on YouTube which showed a woman being whipped in public by two police officers in Khartoum, but the cowardly appeasers at Youtube withdrew it from its site arguing that the content violated the company's conditions of service. I have no doubt all it took was a single Muslim complaint that it was offensive to the followers of Islam.

Someday when YouTube offices are bombed by Islamists they might then realize that appeasing Muslims does not provide insurance against future terrorist attacks. But I digress.

A reader recently reminded me of the video and so I decided it would be wrong not to share it with my readers. Here, if you can stomach it:

Well, is it just me, or did you, dear reader, also have a hard time watching any part of that video? Now let me tell you something worse than what you just viewed, something that made me clutch at my own throat in horror: these whippings occur 40,000 times a year in the Sudan (1).

A visitor responding on the Radio Netherlands Worldwide website left this comment:

“These are God’s punishments. We must obey God. Does anyone dare refute God? People who disagree should be ashamed, because protesting against this sort of punishment is protesting against God."

Muslim apologists will leave comments to this article claiming that these savage, barbaric acts are done because of culture, not because of anything in Islam. However, they will not be able to give any links to authoritative sources that show such whippings being done in any part of non-Muslim Africa for such petty offenses as wearing jeans or being found alone in the company of an unrelated male. That is to say, such whippings only happen in African cultures where Islamic law dominates. It is clearly not culture, it is Islam.

Then there are the deluded Muslim women who claim that Islam puts women on a pedestal. That is true - shortly before the poor creature is hanged for going out with a non-Muslim boy. (2)

The video keeps getting uploaded to Youtube by many users so I don't know if Youtube will keep closing them down, but if you want to download a copy, I have one on my server here. You will need VLC Media Player to view it.



Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Sudan flogging video provokes heated responses on web

The YouTube film clip shows a young woman being whipped in public by two police officers in Khartoum. Dozens of visitors to RNW’s English and Arabic websites have posted heated responses or joined in debate with other viewers.

Not all visitors were disgusted. Some accepted that corporal punishment helps uphold feminine purity and virtue. Women’s groups say whippings are handed down as punishment to about 40,000 women a year by the Sudanese authorities. Most of those receiving lashes are accused of indecent behaviour, a term which can cover anything from infidelity to wearing trousers.

(2):, 'Modern' Life In Afghanistan

In the last thirty years, the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, the Turks, the Saudis, the Iranians, and the Egyptians have all engaged in the following atrocities for, from our western point of view, the most minor offenses: stonings, beheadings, hangings, burying young girls alive, amputations, nose and ear chopping, floggings, acid thrown in the faces of young girls for improper veiling. They claim they are doing so in the name of Islam.

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