Muslims Say the Funniest Things

Anyone who reads the comments to my articles is familiar with the outrageous, blithering, absurd, nasty, anti-Semitic claptrap spouted by many of my Muslim readers. I am often asked why I tolerate such drivel or allow it to proliferate throughout my comment pages.

The answer is simple: for the same reason that 'American Idol' allows obviously untalented contestants to sing bleat on their TV show: for the laughs and for the catharsis. Some of the aspiring singers are so horrendously discordant, so clamorously jarring to the ear, and so sadly clueless of how lacking they are in singing ability that one must hear it to appreciate its full beauty:

Youtube, The Worst American Idol Auditions Ever(MUST SEE)

Of course we shudder with both amusement and pity at the great disconnect between what we hear and what the contestants think they hear in their head. Who has not in great relief said to himself, "Oh man, am I glad that's not me up there."

Of course the fault lies with friends and relatives who lacked the decency to tell these poor deluded souls that they are just plain God-awful.

Likewise, poor deluded Muslims are not properly taught in their schools that Islam is a primitive, backward, despised ideology, and in fact are taught the opposite, that the Qur'an is filled with scientific truths. Here is a sincere comment from reader Kelly from California in response to my article How Many Muslims have won Nobel Prizes, anyway?: "The Qur'an is packed with scientific and historical facts. You should research them, for they are very interesting. That itself deserves the Nobel Prize. "

I responded:

Anyone who reads the Qur'an Sura 96:2 - [AllAh] "Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood" does not have the right to say that the Qur'an is packed with scientific facts.

"The Qur'an is packed with scientific and historical facts." Now that's hilarious. Why should I prevent my Muslim readers from leaving such nonsense when they make me laugh every single day at their stupidity?

American Idol AuditionsNote: if the video above is removed by YouTube, you can download it from my server here. You will need VLC Media Player to view it.

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