Why White People Do Not Patronize Black Shops

Kathy Shaidle at her blog Five Feet of Fury points us to an interesting article (1) by Larry Elder exploring why we do not see videos of looters in Japan.

Larry asks, "Japan's percentage of people living below the poverty line is about the same as ours, ... why isn't the crime rate in Japan about the same as ours?"

Despite what we have been taught crime has nothing to do with poverty but rather with culture and values. If the Tsunami rolled over Newark, Detroit, Philadelphia or Baltimore we certainly would have seen the kind of looting urban blacks are famous for after a disaster. The reason? Most young blacks living in poverty have not accepted American culture and American values and in fact have no culture and values at all.

Ghetto culture is not a culture - it is a disease. Spending more money on inner city schools is a waste of time since schools cannot imbue culture. I believe young blacks who exhibit gangsta traits are lost souls and cannot be redeemed, saved or reprogrammed. What we have to do is to enforce sterilization upon crack whores (regardless of color) to try to limit the number of future lost souls.

As for violent gang members, I am opposed to putting them in prison, they only learn more criminality and develop networks with other gangs. I favor their exile, banishment, or deportation to another land forbidden to ever return. We need to create a country for this purpose much as the American Colonization Society helped create Liberia.

As noted in Larry Elder's article below, San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 1960s was one of the most impoverished areas in California, yet tourists were not afraid to patronize Chinese restaurants or to walk about without fear of being accosted, raped, mugged, or killed.

Because of their culture and values, the Chinese throughout America thrive. On the other hand, no sane person would knowingly enter a ghetto area to grab a bite to eat or to buy something. And so you do not see black retailers in ghettos except for barbershops.

Here we see a poor soul who made the mistake of buying some KFC chicken in a black area:

white bravery

OK, so the photo is a fake [see original here], however the sentiment it expresses is still true: only an idiot would go into a black area without a bodyguard.



Townhall, Japanese Earthquake Looters -- MIA

San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 1960s became one of the most impoverished areas in California. Public policy professors James Q. Wilson and Richard Hernstein wrote: “One neighborhood in San Francisco had the lowest income, the highest unemployment rate, the highest proportion of families with incomes under $4,000 per year, the least educational attainment, the highest tuberculosis rate and the highest proportion of substandard housing. … That neighborhood was called Chinatown. Yet, in 1965, there were only five persons of Chinese ancestry committed to prison in the entire state of California.”

Two low-income areas outside of Boston — South Boston and Roxbury -- were featured several years ago in U.S. News & World Report. They had similar socio-economic profiles: high levels of unemployment; the same percentage of children born to single-parent households; and the same percentage of people living in public housing. But the violent crime rate in Roxbury, predominately black, was four times higher than that of South Boston, predominately white. (…)

Culture and values explain why in Los Angeles, a city with a 46 percent Hispanic population and a 10 percentage Asian population, one sees no Latinos or Asians holding up “Will Work for Food” signs.

When South Korea played for soccer’s 2010 World Cup, the Los Angeles Korean community received permits to view games on big-screen monitors in the streets near Koreatown. The police said the streets were more trash-free after the games than before.

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